Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 months old

So Susie turned 5 months old last Friday. I cant believe how quickly she is getting bigger. I feel like we just brought her home and now she is like double the size she was (well not quite). She is becoming my big girl. She is such a wonderful girl! I love her so much. I still cant believe that I can love someone as much as I love her.

She isnt rolling over yet. If you take her hands, and help her up a little, she will stand up. She seems amazed that she can do that. But she is so strong. She can stand for almost a min before crumpling back down. She has this big, beautiful, heart melting smile. She loves to smile and laugh. She is very social. She is so well behaved when we go out in public. She will sit well through dinner (mostly). If dinner takes too long, she does start to get irritable. She is learning to entertain herself more and more. She will lay on her playmat and play with all the hanging toys. She loves the one that when you pull vibrate as they go back up.

She is very determined to get ANYTHING she has in her hand into her mouth. Her hand eye coordination is not quite there yet though. Its very amusing to watch her take the toy in her hand and then try to get it into her mouth. She hits her cheek/forehead A LOT. But its so cute to watch.

She sits in her bouncy seat but its starting to be too small for her. She is getting heavier and its getting bent a bit more. Plus she has started working on flipping herself out of the seat any chance she gets.

I am so excited about Christmas for her. She has no clue what the toys even are, but she is getting quite a few of them. I want to open them all now and play with them (with her of course)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Formula Sales!

For those who dont know... formula is expensive! Its really expensive... Its more expensive if your baby has a sensative stomach. Well anyways, thats our case with Susie. She uses gentalease enfamil formula. Well regular price its like $27 for 23oz of powder. That lasts us a week. Thats right, ONE WEEK! Its expensive.

If we paid that for the first year of her life 52 weeks * $27 = $1400! Its hard!

Well CVS had a sale and so I have used up all my formula checks for the next few months to get 6 containers of formula.

It was on sale for $23, and if you spend $30 you get a $10 gift card.
6 containers * $23 = $138
- $5 off 2 coupons (from the paper a few weeks ago) = $138 - $15 = $123
- $3 off $15 in baby CVS coupon = $120
- formula checks (3 x $5, 1 x $1, 2 x $4) = $120 - $24 = $96

To round my order out to get to the $150 total I am buying 2 12packs of toilet paper at $7.50 each.
$7.50 * 2 = $15
- 2 x $1 coupons = $13

combine together we get $96 + $13 = $109
But I am getting 5 AMEX cards worth $10 a piece
so I spent $59 plus tax on 6 containers of formula and 24 rolls of toilet paper

So far I have excuted this plan perfectly and gotten 4 containers of formula. I have ot go out tonight and get the last 2 and the toilet paper.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping this year is just so crazy. I had to buy gifts from us and then from Susie for a lot of people. Its just a lot of thought has to be put into the gifts.

Well with 2 weeks to Christmas, I am almost done!

Sarah, Sam, Sean, Seth - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie)
Chase, Nicci - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie) - includes a bday gift for Chase!

Jamie - mostly done... have to get Susie's gift
Danine - not done

Grammy Pammy - done but not sent
Grandpa Warren/Granny - both done but not sent
Eric's neices/nephews - not done (I gotta get on this!)

As for Christmas cards! I am happy to report they have been ordered. Once they get here, I told Eric he will be on duty to help me get them all labeled and in the mail ASAP!

I am in good shape for Christmas I feel. I got Susie's gift. I got Eric's gift. I got Eric a gift from Susie. I have stocking stuffers! I am sitting pretty.

Almost done stressing!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. I just turned 31. I wish my life was simpler!

I had a wonderful birthday aside from recieving the most hurtful email I have ever gotten.

My work got me this nice birthday cookie! It was pretty cool. Eric took me out to dinner (without the baby) last Saturday. We went to the Melting Pot. I had a wonderful time.

Susie got me some lovely brown sheets for our bed, and 2 nice big soft pillows!

And perfectly timed was the set of dishes from my AWESOME best friend.

My wonderful nephews (Sean and Seth) got me one of my FAVEORITE Disney movies of all time... The Lion King (on bluray and dvd). I am so excited that I will get to start sharing that with Susie.

My sister picked me out some nice shoes for work.

Aside from some of the stuff that happened, I couldnt have asked for a better bday night.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dessert Fail

So last week we had an office potluck. I made these chocolate cherry brownies. I got the recipe off Betty Crockers website.

It was brownie mix, apple sauce, egg, coke. The topping was confectioners sugar, cherry coke, butter, and unsweetened cocoa powder. I added the marashino cherries on top.

It tasted like a....

Chocolate brownie with chocolate frosting. You couldnt taste the cherry at all. What a disappointment!

I am throwing that recipe away.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Week Day

4:30am wake up, make bottles, get ready for work, feed Susie, get her back to sleep
6:00am make my lunch, walk dogs
6:30am out the door
7:00am at work
4:00pm done with work
4:30pm pick up susie
5:00pm walk dogs, fix dinner, feed Susie
I then spend the next 3 hours getting her to take a small nap (which she wants to do on me or in my arms) and then we spend some time playing or talking or I should say I entertain her.
8:00pm we take a shower and I get her ready for bed (and get her clothes out for hte next day)
8:45pm she eats and then I have to get her to sleep
9:30pm I get her stuff ready for the next day plus take care of some household chores
10:30pm bedtime for me

This is all based on her having a normal day. But with her there are plenty of not normal days! I am trying to figure out when I can work out. Once she doesnt need the 5am feeding then I will be going into work early to run, but until then...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

And the week moves on

I am going to try and add small posts as often as I can.

My random musings about Susie. I feel like she is so skinny compared to all the other babies her age. A lot of them are 13-16 pounds. She is just a petite 11. I know she isnt starving. She is given as much to eat as she wants. She is just skinny. She is so cute though. It also means I dont have ot worry about her 3-6 month clothes not fitting at Christmas. I got her Christmas dress ordered off ebay. It was $6.25 which is a little more than I was hoping to pay but its a really good brand (that resells well). So when the time comes I should be able to get most of what I paid for the dress. Now all we need is an undershirt, a sweater, a headband and some tights/shoes. I am thinking it might be better to get her those tights with the shoes painted on them. I will figure out the cheapest option. I mean, she will only wear this outfit 3 times (picture day, Christmas night to dinner at bf's work, and the next night at family dinner). The other thing I still need to get is her Christmas Pjs. We are all done shopping for her. She is getting a book or two, 2 blu-ray movies, and a jumperoo. Now its just a matter for getting the gifts for everyone else.

I really need to stay within budget this year. I feel so stressed about money right now. Eric hates that we take her to daycare and if we want a #2 in like a year or so, we have to get as much into savings now while we can. We need to get a new car (to replace his car). One of us would be out of work until the youngest child is like 5. So thats about 5 years. So we have to have enough in savings to cover any emergency that could come up in 5 years. It just feels so daunting.

We started to refinance the house. It will drop our rate a little and save us $92 a month (which I will put back into the house for as long as I can).

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family time

Even with us being sick, the last two nights we did get in some family time. We put Susie in her bouncy seat. I would sit at her feet and make smiling, funny faces at her. Eric would sit at her side, and make funny faces at her. She was in 7th heaven. She would look at me, laugh and giggle. Then she would turn and look at daddy, smile and giggle. Then back to mommy. She kept going back and forth. It was so cute.

Eric learned that Susie likes for him to sing the Ewok song. I didnt even know there was an Ewok song. Apparently he knows all the "words" to it. When he sang it for her last night I could tell why it appealed to her. It was all sounds! It starts with Yubb Nubb oo bob a yuuuub nuuub.

3 months old

Susie turned 3 months old on Sunday. I cant beleive that 3 months ago I went into the hospital with a large belly, and came out with a beautiful belly. The last 3 months have had its ups and downs! She went from being a not so happy baby to being a wonderful little baby. She is all smiles and giggles now. I actually dont enjoy my job nearly as much knowing she is at daycare. I wish I could be home with her!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby's first cold

Susie is in the middle of her first cold! I started to notice that her nose was a little stopped up last Sunday. I took the bulb to her nose (which she hates). Then on Monday I picked her big ass boogers (my privaledge as her mom?). She was still having to breathe out of her mouth more than normal. Her breath was sounding a little raspy. She only had a small cough. That cough has slowly gotten worse as the week has gone on. Thursday, I called the ped. Her cough was more frequent. Eric took her to be checked out.

Diagnosis: Cold with the start of an ear infection. The dr was happy they caught it early. They prescribed an antibiotic for her ear infection. There is not much they can do about the coughing. They dont like giving babies cold medicines. They recommended saline spray for her nose.

I feel so bad for her. Last night she was so cuddly and slept a lot. I can tell she doesnt feel very good.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So last week was my first week back at work. I am not gonna lie. It was hard. I was running out the door at 4pm so that I could maximize my time with Susie EVERY night. She had 2 wonderful days of bonding with Eric on Mon/Tues. He had such a wonderful time with her.

Monday - she woke up at 4:30am with mommy and decided she didnt need to go back to bed. That wouldnt have been a big deal, but daddy went to bed at 3am. So he got like no sleep. They took lots of naps together.

Tuesday - it went much better for him. They had a good time together and got plenty of bonding time.

Wednesday - Eric had a really hard time. He sent me a text at like 10am saying daycare drop off was hard. So I called him thinking he was just had a hard time getting everything together and getting her dropped off. No, he had an emotionally hard time dropping her off. She was crying when he dropped her off. He said it was hard to leave her there. I felt so bad. He loved spending the two days with her, and didnt want to leave her. I said its our incentive to get ourselves together financially. As soon as we can, I think one of us will stop working.

Thursday and Friday went better. She is starting to get used to the ladies in the room.

I keep telling myself the daycare is good for her. That she is learning some valuable lessons. But I miss her all day. I miss getting to see her face in person and hear her laugh. I miss her giggles. I even miss her crying. I have to settle for seeing her picture all day on my digital picture frame. Its not the same. I wish our society supported women to stay home longer. I wish we were a little better off financially that one of us could stop working to stay home with her.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blog Post that I liked

I havent really talked much about how the c-section made me feel. I know I made a post about the birth and expressed my feelings but I dont really bring it up anymore. I am tired of being told that I am lucky to have a healthy baby and basically told that my birth experience didnt really matter. It does matter.

I am left forever not remembering her birth as a wonderfully happy day. I left remembering it as a day of failure. I feel like my body failed and my drs wouldnt work to help so much and as a result I had a c-section.

I was reading through a post on another blog (which I have been avoiding due to my failure feelings with NCB) and came across a post that I like/agree with.

In hind sight, I think the doctors/hospital/nurses failed me. I think I didnt fight hard enough for what I wanted but to be honest, in the middle of extremely painful back labor, its hard to fight. And bf felt so helpless during the whole day, it was hard for him to fight.

I think I shouldnt have been induced when I was. I should have been allowed to go another week (with some monitoring of course). I think for all our science, my due date was either wrong or not appropriate for her. Susie never dropped. She was still sitting up high even until the c-section. Once we got there, the first midwife was all about the epidural. It never felt like it was about helping me have the birth experience I wanted.

"Maybe her baby really was in distress, but I suspect that the doctor didn't want such a public birth taking a chance at going sour. Given the high c-section rate in our area, perhaps he was less comfortable with (unmedicated) vaginal birth than cesarean birth. He knew he could perform a mean c-section and spin it like he saved the baby. Again, just me speculating. I do believe that she was likely another victim of our broken maternity system and doesn't even realize it. While I always advocate for women being informed of their choices in childbirth, sometimes ignorance is probably quite blissful." - I feel this applies to me.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oct body changes

So I am going to be brave. I am posting my weight as of Friday the 29th and I am going to take my measurements. Then in 4 weeks (end of Oct) I am going to take them all again to see what changes my body has made. I have started running again and want to know that I am changing my body. Pound wise my goal is to lose 4lbs in Oct. I keep my goal reasonable at 1 pound a week.

Weight: 201.9
neck: 14"
Left arm: 13.5"
Right arm: 13.5"
boobs: 41"
under chest: 37"
belly (at largest part): 46"
waistline: 42"
hips: 46"
left thigh: 25"
right thigh: 25"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So I have been couponing for almost 6 months. I save a little (which I generally just use to buy some of the bigger items that were never part of my food budget). I have never had an absolutely amazing grocery trip until today! I went in to just stock up since Harris Teeter was having triple coupons for all coupons under $.99 . I had a budget of $20 and it had to include a gallon of milk.

I spent $14.72 and saved $37.25! My total bill should have been $51.97. That is a savings of almost 72%. And I didnt just buy junk!

I got:
3 boxes of hamburger helper (not the healthiest but I am a working mom)
2 containers of Betty Crocker frosting (I will probably donate this because I hardly ever use frosting)
2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix
Nature Valley Granola thins (easy to eat while feeding the baby at 4am)
Fiber One Brownies (they are ok, but low calorie and satisfy my sweet tooth)
2 bottle of Gain liquid soap (we use more now since we wash all bottle by hand)
French's Dijon Mustard
3 cans of campbell soup
3 cans of spaghetti Oh's (easy for bf to eat after work at 11pm)
1 gallon of 1% milk
2 totinos pizza rolls (bf loves them)
1 box luigi italian ice
1 echrich farm turkey sausage

2 month check up

So Susie had her 2 month check-up yesterday. She is 23inches long (75th percentile). She weighed in at 10lbs 8oz (50th percentile) and her head is about 16inches circumference (75th percentile). The dr described her as long and lean. So she looks skinny due to her length. She was all smiles for the dr. She cooed at the dr and was super friendly with the nurses. She is right on track developmentally.

We only got one shot, since I prefer to wait (and I am glad I only let her get 1 shot). She got her DTaP, Polio and Hib in one shot. She screamed like crazy and pulled out some bottom lip action after she got the shot. She came home and was sleepy. She ended up having a mild reaction to the shot. She slept ALL day yesterday and had no interest in eating at all. She screamed for about 40 mins when I touched near the spot of the shot. She ended up crying herself to sleep and would just randomly wake up crying all evening. She finally ate like normal about 7pm (about 10 hours after the apt). And she still slept through the night (well her long sleep was only 6 hours instead of 7). I felt so bad for her.

We go back next thurs for her to get Rotavirus and Pneumococcal. I was also told that since she is too young to get a flu shot, both bf and I should get one. Bf is not thrilled with this. I am going to get one before I go back to work, since my office is a petri-dish of diseases! People never call in sick, they bring their germs with them to work and share them with all of us!

Lots of small posts to come

Its been a busy but eventful few days. So just letting you know I have many updates that will come. Most will be short, but I will write it all down anyways.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers

I have never see anything so cute in my life. I saw pics of other babies wearing them and I got jealous. How could they be so cute and Susie not have a pair!!!! So this past weekend, I went out shopping (with my future MIL). We went to Babys R Us and they didnt have any. I am surprised. How do they not carry them?!? So we went to target. I got this pair that is cute/ I found an outfit in Susie's closet that matched them perfectly. And here is the result!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday- good deal at target

So when I was wandering around target, my sister found this great deal! I got 8 x 6 bottles of ready made gerber gentle good start formula. They were marked down from $11.99 to $4.24 each. I also had 4 gerber formula checks (from a wonderful friend on my weightless message board). So $95.92 went to $33.92 to $23.87 will save the packs for daycare. They need some as an emergency and I don't want them giving her regular similac. We have had enough tummy troubles!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Susan's saturday

Here is Susan's Saturday:
12:00 slept (went to sleep at 9:30 the previous night)
12:15 self entertained but made enough noise to wake mommy
12:30 ate 4oz
12:45 slept
5:30 self entertained but made sure mommy knew she was hungry
5:50 got diaper changed (just pee) and ate 4oz - farted and grunted like crazy
6:20 worked on a disgusting runny poop and got diaper changed
6:40 played with Seth, Aunt Sarah and mommy; got dressed
7:10 cuddled with mommy
7:25 slept
7:55 cuddled with mommy after accidently waking up
8:15 slept
8:45 traveled to football game (awake)
9:05 ate 3oz and got a diaper change (pee)
9:20 moby wrap to walk around and fall asleep
9:45 slept
10:20 fussy awake
10:35 slept
11:40 self entertained
12:00 ate 3oz and had diaper changed (pee)
12:20 awake and happy
12:45 traveled to lunch (very unhappy in car)
1:10 at lunch, calmed down Due to being held
1:15 back in car but napped on the way home
1:25 awake and fussy
1:40 trying to fall asleep
2:10 slept
4:05 diaper change (pee and poop - 2 diapers) and ate 4oz
4:30 1/2 awake 1/2 asleep
5:00 slept
5:45 awake (and on/off fussy)
7:10 ate 3oz - spit back up 1oz
7:30 screaming until she finally settled down - little bit of sleeping
9:00 bath time
9:20 ate 4 oz
9:50 off to bed!

13 hours of sleep!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So yesterday we made our first family trip to the zoo! It was a great idea. Eric just decided at like 10am, that we should go. Well that meant we got out the door at 11:45 (after feeding Susie and packing her bag). She was sleeping by the time we hit the parking garage. She slept all the way to the metro. She slept in her stroller/car seat on the metro. She slept all the way to the zoo!

Once we got in the zoo, she... continued sleeping! (Let me be clear right now, I am not complaining!!!!!!) We saw a very ugly, hairy bear. Eric saw pandas for the first time. We went by every outdoor cage we could. But we didn't go into any exhibits (besides the pandas). You have to leave your stroller outside if you go into the buildings. My momma didn't raise no fool. I wouldn't get her out of her car seat while sleep! So we just kept walking. We got to the end of the zoo, and I decided we should wake her up. We sat on a bench and gently woke her. She sat for awhile looking around, and then got fussy/hungry. So I changed her, and we fed her.

After that it was time to walk back. If you have never been to the National Zoo, its great but its all downhill. So heading home meant... UPHILL. I put Susie in our snugli carrier and off we went. She fell right asleep again (she LOVES the carrier). So we walked back. Sadly we got to the metro during the peak of peak. We were therefor, THAT person. The one who has the stroller (and baby) on the packed metro car during rush hour. But a nice man offered me/Susie his seat. We got home in 1 piece thankfully without any meltdowns.

But Eric and I were exhausted when we got home (Susie was wide awake and ready to be fussy).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life is so different now

Everything has changed in my life since Susie was born. I cant believe we have survived 6 weeks with her. She is so sweet... when she is sleeping. I love her dearly but she cant be challenging at times.

I had a friend ask what people were doing with their weekend. Something occurred to me at that point. I don't have weekends right now. Everyday is the same. Everyday blends into the next. I get up early (after going to bed late and getting up with her at least once in the night to feed her). I feed her, we nap. We get up, she eats (maybe I get to eat). I spend the next 60-90 mins trying to calm her down. Maybe we get some tummy time in. After that she cat naps for an hour (maybe I can put her in her bed, but usually I have to hold her). And things are just rinse and repeat. At about 8 or 9 pm, I try to give her a bath and a massage. Then she eats and falls asleep until between 1 and 3 am. And my day just repeats. If I am lucky, someone invites us to lunch. Sometimes we go run errands (usually to try to get her to stop screaming and get a little sleep). This is going to continue to be my life until I go back to work in October.

But I wouldnt change my life right now... I wouldnt give up my colic baby for ANYTHING in this world!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BF surprised me

So last night, we finally got Susie to sleep (which bf was wonderfully helpful with her last night). We were laying in bed and I pointed out that he could turn the lights out. He just laughed and when I rolled over, there was a little box sitting on his chest. He had these lovely ruby earrings for me. They are so perfect. They are simple and match my baby necklace perfectly. I love them (and I am wearing them today - which is a shock cause I never wear earrings). They are going to make a perfect gift for Susie in like 14-16 years. I got the baby necklace for my birthday last year. I told him that I would love some earrings but my plan all along as been that they would be a birthday gift for Susie when she gets old enough to appreciate them.

Today Eric has been wonderfully helpful with her. He has the day off and been helping me. If she is fussy (and that's not really if, but more of when), we are tag teaming the situation. One person comforts her for 20 mins and then we switch. It is really keeping us both sane. She seems pretty fussy when awake. I talked to the ped office today. they said smaller meals and make sure she sits up right for 30 mins post eating. So we are gonna shoot for feeding every 2-3 hours and keep it to 3oz or less.

this weekend I am going to my sister's house with the baby, Eric is staying home because he has to work on Saturday. I hope she will behave in the car. I might try to drive straight there and not stop for food/gas. It will be nice to have some other mommies to kinda see how she acts and help me figure out if we need to see the Dr next week or not.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First day of just me and baby

So today was my first day home ALONE with the baby. I let Eric sleep as long as he needed since he had to go to work.

4:45 am: baby wants to be fed! So we got up, Grammy Pammy said good-bye. I fed Susie and we cuddled up on the couch for a nice nap.

8:15 am: Susie wakes up for more food. After eating she wanted to be awake for awhile. So I let her try out her swing. She is not a big fan (but she did poop). After changing her, she sat in my lap while I did more internet things. She finally fell asleep for a small nap.

11:30 am: Susie woke up for another feeding. So I fed her, let her try her swing again (we got another poop as a result). She stayed awake at this point. Eric came down and rocked her for awhile. I rocked her some too.

2 pm: Susie was ready to nap. She slept until the UPS guy rang the bell around 6pm. That set Jack off on his barking spree, so Susie woke up. She wanted more food.

6:40 pm: Susie decided to just stay awake very unhappy for awhile. I rocked her awhile. After an hour or so, I swaddled her up and just rocked her in the dark. She just lay there watching me. finally she fell asleep a little after 8pm. I put her in her crib and have been up and about.

Eric will be home in like a little over an hour and he will take over some of the baby duties! I will get a break. I think tomorrow I might take her out to run errands (including going for a walk around a mall for exercise).

Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 week update for me and baby

So Susan is 2 weeks old today. It seems like its been years and also seconds since she was born. We are coping.

Grammy Pammy is here this week. She is cleaning like crazy and doting on the baby. She is constantly on the move and I just feel like laying down with the baby.

We have had a few visitors. 2 coworkers came over to see the baby and bring us dinner (both meals were greatly appreciated). One good friend came for lunch. Next Wed Eric goes back to work, and Grammy Pammy leaves. It will be me home with the baby all day by myself. We will have to see how that goes. I am a little nervous.

I had my two week check up. The Dr looked at my scar. She said it looks good, I just have to work on keeping it dry. Its healing nicely. I can now drive and start carrying the car seat and baby. That means I can go out now. I am not homeward bound. The midwife gave me an apt for next Friday just in case I am still a mess. I am gonna see how this weekend goes before I determine if I need help.

This just didn't go the way we were hoping for. In a day or two I will post about how breastfeeding didn't work. Susan is all formula now. I am still upset about this. But that is for later.

She had her two week checkup on Friday. She is 7lbs 11oz (almost her birth weight). The Dr was VERY happy. She is completely healthy. I am lucky. She is an absolutely wonderful baby!

Tomorrow we head to the beach. We will be at Sam/Sarah's house. Sarah is going to do our newborn photos. I am excited to see what she does.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am going to add/update details of this post but thought I would lay out how things went for my induction.

Labor did not go well for us. I checked into the hospital at 7am and they had me take a cervix softening pill at 8am to see if that would get things going. After 4 hours I was only 1 cm. So they started a pit drip. 2 hours later I was still at 1cm. So the dr broke my water (in that small amount of space). It hurt so bad, every cervix exam was worse than contractions! After about 2 more hours (with them upping the drip continuously) I was still only at a 1cm. I still hadnt asked or needed an epi. I was making it through the contractions and they just kept upping the pit drip. Things got worse at some point. They turned to drip up so high I ended up having an hour long contraction (it was one right after another with no break). My blood pressure had dropped and Susan's hr was going all over the place making the dr very upset. I was at my breaking point by then. I told the dr I needed something for pain. (that was a hard decision to make) They wouldnt let me get nubane due to baby's hr not being steady. So I got an epidural. I know I needed it but it was the start of my failure feelings. The dr took 30 mins trying to get the epi in. But once it went in, I started to actually feel better. they had to turn the pit drip off completely because the contractions werent helping her progress at all. After the epi went in, I went from a 1cm to a 4 within 30 mins. But baby was still all over the place in terms of her heartrate (like dropping super low then rising up too high for their comfort).

The dr finally came in about 10:30pm, and said baby had crossed her comfort threshold and we had to get a c-section. My blood pressure was still very low and I really had not much clue what was going on. I could not stop shakign and threw up a few times before surgery. Bf sat with me the whole time in the surgery room, trying to make me feel better about things. He was so scared the whole time watching all that was going on with my. He said he has never been so scared in his life. He still cant imagine what I was feeling. Surgery went quick. She was perfectly healthy coming out. She weighed in at 7lbs 12oz and 21 inches long. She was born at 21:58. The anesthesiologist told us she was a beautiful baby. He was super nice and very wonderful to me in the surgery room. He talked me through the surgery. I love her so much but the whole process made me feel like I am a complete failure. I also think it was a matter of Susan letting us know she was NOT ready to be delivered. She fought EVERY procedure they did.

But in the end I had a beautiful daughter.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Due date has come and gone

So now I am sitting here 2 days after my due date. I have been pretty frustrated with this baby. Why is she still inside my belly? Doesn't she realize that I am so uncomfortable and miserable. No, she is blissfully unaware. She is just doing her own thing. She is trying to figure out when she is ready.

Dr apt on Friday felt like a major bust. I was barely 1 fingertip dilated. My cervix was thinned to 80% though. But the Dr commented that it felt like she was sitting on my back, and she is not really pushing down on my cervix at all. So I have been ordered to do a lot of walking.

Today we went to the Nats game. I walked around the stadium at least twice. I had a great time, but the way home was so awful. I just ached everywhere. Since getting home, I laid down and tried to nap. I have had some contractions on/off all night. But they are still random. I have felt like I need to clean and straighten my house (so I have been). Maybe these are all good signs!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Roundup

UGH... Its Tuesday and I am at work. I was hoping baby would make some kind of progress and I would be at home this week, but no luck. But at least this is my last week of work.

I spent the weekend mostly laying on the couch either sleeping or cross-stitching. I am trying hard to finish the baby sampler but just not sure it will be finished in time. I don't think I will have a lot of time to work on it after she comes.

I got so hopeful on Sunday (ok not really but its was progress comparatively). I had 6 contractions (of course this was over the coarse of the whole day, so doesn't actually mean much). They weren't really long and only 2 were anything I would remotely describe as painful.

Saturday I spent some time in the pool with my friend Jamie. It felt really good. Just nice to have the water supporting my stomach instead of my own body. Sunday, we went and had Indian food. I found this carry-out type place and it wasn't too bad. Eric said that if I had taken him there the first time I told him about Indian food he would have been more willing to go eat! He liked the place so much better than any other restaurant we have been to for Indian food. I ordered too much but had some good eating on Monday!

Monday I went to Eric's work to see the fireworks. It was our first time seeing the fireworks together in our 2.5 years together. We had a fantastic view from the roof of his work. It was really special. He sat with his arms around me, and I really felt like it was a special family moment for us. And the fireworks were awesome. They shot some off that were heart shaped. It was really cool.

All in all, good relaxing weekend.

Friday, July 1, 2011

39 weeks!

I am totally on the home stretch at this point. I am ready to pop her out, but unfortunately she is showing very few signs of being ready to move out. Well... she has like 14 days to move out or she will get evicted.

Facts about 39 weeks fetus:
The average baby is about 20 inches (51 cm) and weighs about 7.5 pounds (3400 grams).
The baby has reached its final birth position.
It will be cramped inside your uterus for much movement.
Your baby will continue to punch and kick but lower in your abdomen, under your pelvis.
The head is about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter.
Most of the baby's downy coating of lanugo has now disappeared.

I will post the 39 week shot (including the dreaded bare belly pic) tonight after work.

Eric has been super attentive this week. He has gone up to lay down with me every night and even rubbed my back/hips for a bit. It's a huge help and provides some much needed relief.

I had a crazy dream last night. I felt my water break and I told my mom that I thought I was in labor. She called the paramedics and they came and tried to tell me that I had to go to a different hospital. They said that my current hospital was too far away. Then my sister showed up with her kids. She said mom had called her. The paramedics told me to go in the bathroom and try to poop. It was just a really weird but very real feeling dream. When I woke up, I rolled over about to wake up Eric. I was so sure it was time to go to the hospital. Then reality hit me. Mom is not here, and that was my alarm that woke me up. My bed was not wet. So ugh! That meant getting up and going to work.

Yesterday I got some good news. I found out that my STD will cover 2 weeks pre-delivery in addition to the 6 weeks post delivery. So I am done working next Friday (if she doesn't decide to come sooner). I figure that week after 40 weeks is up, my Dr apts will go up a little. this will also let me get some rest and not wear myself out (like I feel like I am doing right now). At least its a 3-day weekend that starts in like 1 hour!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So the last few weeks Eric has been playing WoW again. His friends are back to playing, so he is playing. I don't care. If that's how he wants to spend his free time, good for him. I know he is trying to get in as much playing time as possible since the baby coming means he wont be able to play like that anymore.

But playing WoW and completely ignoring me is not OK. I don't ask for much. I understand his work is stressful and he needs to unwind. I am not asking for much. I go to bed around 10:30. I just want him to come home and cuddle up with me. I want him to remind me he is attracted to me. I don't exactly like how I look. I see a big belly and 29 pounds of weight gain.

This is just my ramblings given that I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and miserable. I feel so uncomfortable and just bleh! UGH! I am ready to not be pregnant anymore.

Monday Checkup

So Monday I had a check-up. I forgot to write about it. It was a little disappointing but I did get a few questions answered. Eric went with. I had told him a few weeks ago that I thought it was important that he go to appointments once we were on the weekly schedule. And he actually remembered that we had one this week. That made me feel better. (Follow-up blog post inc)

Baby played nice with the Dr today and she found the heartbeat easy. It was between 140 and 160. I was up a few pounds to make my total gain at 29 pounds. (I not sure how I feel about that but it is what it is. I am ready to go back to running and getting rid of all those pounds!) This midwife said they wont do a cervix check until next appointment (which is on my due date). She would have done one this week if I had asked but I didn't care. It doesn't mean much.

She said its normal not to have lost my mucous plug yet. I am also showing almost no signs of her coming anytime soon. I haven't had any contractions really (maybe 1 or 2 but they are like nothing still). The midwife said she expects to see me at my next appointment (aka I wont be going into labor in the next 11 days). Then came the piece that was a little discouraging. She implied that I will only be allowed to go 1 week post due date. Why cant all the midwives be on the same page? I was told before it was 10 days. What if Baby S isn't ready? I will probably start asking about NSTs more once we hit due date. I want Baby S to be allowed to take her time and come when she is ready. Why give her an eviction notice if we are both healthy?

So now we are just in the holding pattern. She is a living organism and has a mind/plan of her own. She will come when she is ready and no sooner (in theory). She did get her first lecture on Monday. I ordered her that she is not allowed to come before Friday. I don't want a June baby. July 1st is a special day, so if she wanted to come that day, it would be OK. But I want her to come after that. I have been planning on a July baby and want her to be a July baby!

Friday, June 24, 2011

38 weeks!

(This post was written on Friday, but not posted till the following Monday).

Today is the 38 week mark. That means only 2 more weeks (14 days) till the expected due date. But that still doesn't mean anything! The more important counter is 24 days. In 24 days or less, either she will decide she is ready to come into the world or the Dr will make her come into the world.

I am ready! I am just physically ready to be done with being pregnant. And time seems to pass so slowly now that we are at the end. It passed slow at the beginning and then it feels like it sped up and now it has slowed down again. UGH!

I am so done with this work thing! I am exhausted everyday when I get home from work, so I spend the night with my feet up resting on the couch. I usually take a nice long nap every night. The last few nights I have been working on her baby sampler. I am making progress (it seems the hardest part was really starting). I think its going to come out nicely (and it will look similar to the one my aunt made me when I was a baby).

I thought I would attached a few photos for belly comparison.
26 Weeks!

38 Weeks!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

37 week check up

So I had my 37 week check up yesterday. I weighed in 3lbs heavier (UGH). Most women are slowing down and not able to eat nearly as much at this point. I was so hopeful that would be me. NO! I am a freaking vacuum. I cant eat enough. I am super hungry all the time. NOM NOM NOM! I want all the bad stuff too. I am trying hard to watch myself but I am just hungry!

The midwife did the normal routine. Did we have any questions? (NO) IS there anything we are curious about? I mentioned the extra downward pressure and she said there are prolly some contractions mixed in with that. I keep expecting the contractions to feel like menstrual cramps (as others have described it). These pressure feelings just feel like I am gonna a monster poop out my vajayjay. (sorry... its my blog I can describe it how I feel! DEAL WITH IT!) Maybe that's what I should expect my contractions to feel like. I don't know.

She then felt my stomach. She said Baby S is still head down (which is good news and I am pretty sure at this point I would be able to tell if her 6lb body was moving back around). She said Baby S's spine is running down the right side of my stomach (right side = my right side as I see it, on lookers = left side of my body). That means her feet are sticking into my left side. I am just amazed that the midwife can tell all that just by feeling around my stomach.

After that the midwife tried to get her heartbeat. But Baby S was having NONE of that. She started moving all around and made it VERY hard for the midwife to do her job. She got her heartbeat to register for like 1-2 seconds right at the very end. about 150 bmp. I was laughing as Baby S did her best to thwart the midwife. Well at least she didn't kick her (like she did another midwife).

All is well for another week of baby growth! No mucus plug yet that I have seen.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Yesterday was Eric's first fathers day. When I initially started asking him if there was anything he might as a gift (not talking anything expensive), he would tell me "I am not really a father yet". All I could think in response is "YES YOU ARE". To me, even if some how Baby S doesnt survive, he would still be a father. We would still have a baby. I would still be a mother.

So needless to say, I ignore his request for no gift. I got him a very cute card (that was about how he is going to be a great father - and thats part of why I love him). I got Baby S a winter sleeper that says "I love my Daddy". I got him the book "Go the F*** to sleep". Lastly I bought him a 4 piece set of dishes. We wanted new everyday plates, so I ordered 4 place settings (bowls, plates, small plates and cups). I think he liked the gifts. It made me feel good to surprise him with a little treat that he wasnt expecting!

Friday, June 17, 2011

37 Week Mark

Today we hit 37 weeks pregnant. That is considered full term. All that really means is that if I go into labor, I am having a baby (with no medical intervention to try and stop it). Although I really don't enjoy being pregnant, I do understand how important the next few weeks are for her growth and development. Baby S is prolly between 6 and 7 lbs right now. In the next 3 weeks (if she stays put that long) she will put on another 1lb or so of fat. But more importantly, her little brain is doing some major development! Its getting all its little wrinkles and she is fully developing her neurons! I am in no hurry to stop that process. As long as she wants to be in there, she can stay.

I don't like being pregnant. If that hasn't been clear before now! I don't like not having control of my own body. I don't like gaining weight. I don't like being sick all the time. At this point, I am so uncomfortable all the time. I don't like not knowing if some food is going to make me super sick or not until after I have eaten. I don't like not being able to go for afternoon runs to clear my head. I know a lot of women love it, but I really don't find her kicks enjoyable. At first they made me feel a bit of motion sickness type feelings but not they aren't comfortable and kinda hurt. (I feel like a bad mom/pregnant woman for feeling that last thought.)

Its weird though, already I am choosing her over myself. I am willing to be miserable so that she can get whatever she needs in womb and take as long as she wants to get out. I am sure I could talk to my dr and find one that would go ahead and induce but I know she isn't ready. I want her to be as prepared for this world as possible. So in she stays.

Here is my 37 weeks photo!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Results Dr Apt Tuesday

Eric actually went to the apt with me. I was surprised, he hates waiting in dr offices and I can tell the few apts he has been to, its a very trying thing for him. But he is a wonderful bf/soon-to-be daddy.

I had a rough afternoon at work. I wasnt feeling good. I was hungry but couldnt find anything that I felt would really satisfy my hunger. (I am having that same issue right now). But it was more than that. Baby S stopped moving. Now thats not necessarily a bad thing but she is normally very active up until lunch and then she naps for awhile. She will pick up again in the evening and drive me nuts until I fall asleep. I started getting really worried when she wasnt moving. I was pretty sure nothing was wrong but something just didnt feel right at the same time. So I went home at 1:30pm and put my feet up for an hour before we had to leave for the appointment. And I felt a lot better after that rest hour.

The apt went well. No weight gain so that makes our grand total of 23 lbs at 36w 4d. My group strep B results came back negative. We heard her heartbeat like usual (like 150-160 range). She is still head down and that explains the shooting/stabbing pain in my lady parts. Apparently the cramps on my right side are from her kicking/pushing my liver and are normal. Everything was normal. The midwife gave me a prescription for some face med. It should help control the breakouts I am having (which at 75% cause by being pregnant). So it was a good day!

Monday, June 13, 2011

To vacinate or not!

That is the question. I am trying to work on how I feel about this topic. I know what Eric wants. He believes in vaccinations.

I am just not sure how to get unbiased information on this topic. I am starting to believe it doesnt exist. Everyone has an agenda. And its frustrating to see people call others bad parents for following a belief of one way or the other.

Here is my current "facts" that I believe including reservations I have on each comment:
1. I think vaccines are good for some reasons. Is the chicken pox vaccine necessary? I got the disease as a child and am none the worse for it. Is the flu vaccine necessary?
2. I dont want my child to have more than 1-2 shots in any visit. I know various sources say its perfectly healthy to have all the shots they list. But what happens if my child has an allergic reaction to one of the shots, how would I know which shot was the problem?

Its hard to figure out whats the right choice.

Friday, June 3, 2011

35 Weeks

So today marks 35 weeks pregnant. I am starting to feel more and more pregnant! I am ready to just have this baby already!

Nursery Update: Tuesday, Eric and I went and got a mattress for the crib. We also got a mobile but I found one I like better (so we will be returning the one we bought). then on Wednesday, I did some work in her room. I got the crib all set up. Mattress pad on the bed, sheets on the bed, bumper in the crib, blanket on the bed for decoration, pillows/stuffed animals in the crib for decoration. I moved a bookcase into her room, and start filling up her dresser. She has A LOT of clothes already. I have the next laundry basket full of stuff to take down and wash. I have my list of things I want to get this weekend to install in her room next week. I am taking it small steps at a time. Eric's mom sent us the curtains she made. They came out so amazing! We will be hanging those next week as well!

Holiday weekend update: For memorial day, I made my last pre-baby trip to Sarah's house. Saturday we hung out and just relaxed. Sam smoked some pork shoulder and it came out so yum! Then Sunday, we went out on the boat (Sam's dad came down for the weekend). We spent all day relaxing and just hanging out on the boat. I went in the water a little. Then Monday we went to one of the public beaches. That was a lot of fun. Sam/Sarah set up a tent and I could just sit in a chair under the tent. I went into the water up to my waist but the water was a little chilly. I drove home Tuesday.

Other than that... I went to my first Nats game of the season on Wed. My entire office went to a 1pm game. It was a good thing someone got our tickets in the shade cause it was really hot and muggy out. I made it till the middle of the 8th inning. That was 2.5 hours (and at that point the seat was just too uncomfortable). When I got home later, baby decided to make my life crappy. I spent the rest of the night on the couch just resting.

TONIGHT IS NKOTBSB! I am going to my last pre-baby concert! My friends and I are seeing New Kids and Backstreet boys. I am sooooooo excited.

Friday, May 27, 2011

34 Weeks!

So I am at 34 weeks today! Which means at most 7 weeks and 3 days to go till Baby S is here! It is really crazy to think in just a few short weeks I will be holding a new baby that Eric and I created. Its not a baby where I get to hold it for a few moments and then give it back, its one I get to "keep". Its kinda scary too.

How far along: 34 weeks today

Pregnancy at week 34: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 33 cm (13 inches). Your baby weighs about 2350-2550 grams ( 5.2-5.6 pounds). Your baby should be turned head down by now. Her lanugo, very fine hair that keeps your baby insulated, should be disappearing now. Her skin may be covered with vernix, a waxy white colored protective substance that covers newborn babies skin.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am +21 pounds as of last Friday.

Maternity Clothes: I have decided I have a longer torso than most women. I have my closet full of maternity clothes but some of them are starting to be too short to wear. The shirts still fit fine around the mid section and I still have room to grow stomach but they are getting just too short for me to wear and feel comfortable in public. So I am slowly boxing up maternity clothes too.

Gender: Baby Girl!

Movement: Her activity level seems to depend on my comfort level. If I am kicked back and relaxed, she will go B-A-N-A-N-A-S. If I am uncomfortable then she goes into hibernation mode. She is not super active late late at night. But she is plenty active in the morning while I sit at my computer working. She tries to stretch herself out a lot too and this leads to her pressing her big head onto my bladder (UGH). She does like to put her butt or foot into my ribs/sternum also.

Sleep: I feel like I am sleeping all the time. If I am not at work I am at home sleeping. I sleep ok. If I am exhausted, I will be out cold. But some nights I toss and turn all night. I get up to pee a few times every night.

What I miss: Having energy to do anything, I miss running too. I learned that I cant run anymore and I dont like that feeling.

Cravings: Ehhh... nothing in particular. I am on a kick where I like fruit flavored things or fruit drinks/juice.

Symptoms: Nausea and occasional vomitting, bloated stomach if I dont pay attention to what I eat and aggrevate my gall stone

Best Moment this week: Seeing our nursery walls post 2nd coat of paint, my cousins did a wonderful job painting the walls and its going to look so good when we finish furnishing/decorating the room.

Next up: Last birthing class on Tuesday, we have an apt in about 2 weeks to meet/greet a possible ped dr. Other than that its just about waiting for the baby to decide she is ready.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Classes

So we are just about finished with all of our baby classes.

Saturday was infant care + CPR class. It was supposed to be me and Eric. Well, he got a call at 5am asking him to come into work (ON HIS VACATION DAY... not a regular day off...A DAY HE HAD REQUESTED WEEKS AGO AS VACATION). He told his boss that he had to be out of there by 8am for baby class. Well that didnt happen... He was there till 12:30pm. He was upset because this was the class he wanted to attend the most. So I had to go alone. It was ok. My morning sickness felt like it was on SUPER HIGH. I learned quite a few things in class and apparently I was the only one who didnt need help with diapering a baby (thank you Sean/Seth!). I was pretty upset post class. I was not mad at Eric but he ended up getting the brunt of my anger. (He also got to spend all afternoon sleeping and then all night out partying with his friends while I spent all day by myself.)

Monday was breastfeeding class. It was full of GREAT information and lots of tips about how to prepare ourselves for breastfeeding and being able to go back to work at 12 weeks old. She talked about pumping and latching. She talked about supply and even how to get dad's involved in the experience. It was just a super long class for hte amount of info she packed in. 3.5 hours (with only 2 potty breaks) and the class really could have been 4-5 hours. She was a little all over the place with respect to the topics but I think it was a useful class.

We have one more week of birthing class (I will talk all about that class after my last class).

Dr Apt Update

I know my appointment was last friday and I am behind on my posts but here is the small update.

Everything looks good. 1 pound of weight gain in the previous 2 weeks (which was good news to them). I am doing my best and most days I am good about not being stressed about weight gain. If I gain too much, I will just have to work that much harder post baby. Heartbeat sounded good. We are measuring right on track.

The dr did mention that I should talk to a general surgon about possibly having my gall bladder removed. I was so confused since last apt they said it was a small gall stone with no gall bladder irritation or inflamation. This time she said its not a now issue but if we want to have more kids its something to consider. I am going to look into it, but I dont want it to interfere with Baby S. I am curious if you can breastfeed post gall bladder removal surgery and how that whole thing works. So I will probably make an appointment with a dr after baby comes but not going to do anything if it will interfere with care of Baby S.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend was AWESOME!

Saturday was so crazy this weekend!

NOCC 5K walk - We did a 5K on saturday morning for Ovarian Cancer awareness. I was so happy with how many of my family/friends donated and/or came out to walk. Last year my team had 10 walkers, this year we had those 17! I gave it my all to run as much as I could. But that was hard on my body. We ended up running about 1/3 of the race and that really was a challange. We finished at about a 16 min mile pace. I have mixed feelings on that. This was supposed to be my benchmark race, the race where I proved I could run the 5K in under 30 mins. I feel sorta upset that my body had limitations. I know I have a baby growing but its still hard to have those limiting realizations. But we did finish the race.

Baby shower - I love my sister, Aunt Beckie, cousins Holly and Mary so much! They were so wonderful and threw me a baby shower. I think I had only been to 2 other baby showers prior to this (and one was more of like a family party than a shower). I had so much fun. I got to see all my friends and just hang out with everyone. I loved seeing all my friends. It really was a wonderful afternoon. We got some much needed baby stuff. There are very few things left we really need now (swing and stroller for car seat). One of the most touching gifts we got was a blanket that Eric's grandma knit. She made this beautiful white knit blanket. We are going to use it to bring baby home in (and have a bunch of her newborn shots taken with). I was almost crying when I saw the blanket.

Friday, May 13, 2011


We are 32 weeks pregnant today. Just thought I would give an update on baby development.

From: www.whattoexpect.com
This week your baby weighs almost four pounds and could be up to 19 inches long. And though that's a head-to-toe length, your baby is actually back to a curled-up position (you try standing up in those cramped quarters!). At 32 weeks pregnant, you're likely feeling tapping and squirming instead of your baby's signature rocking and rolling. That's because, while comfy, your baby is a bit tight for exercise space right now. Your baby has also probably settled into the head-down, bottoms-up position in your pelvis in prepartion for birth. That's because the fetus's head fits better at the bottom of your inverted, pear-shaped uterus. It also makes it easier during childbirth if your baby comes out head first. Fewer than five percent of babies prefer the bottom-down (or breech) position by full-term. Don't worry if your baby hasn't assumed the head-down position yet. There's still a good chance he or she will flip head-side-down before birth — even in the tight confines of your uterus.

While your baby is still getting nourishment through the umbilical cord, it won't be long before you'll be bringing on the breast milk or formula (and soon after, the mashed carrots and peas). In anticipation of that momentous transition to mouth feeding, your baby's digestive system is all set and ready to go.

And because your baby is accumulating more fat, his or her skin is finally turning opaque (like yours), which means those see-through days are over. Though weeks away from D-day, your baby's looking more and more like a newborn.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

No post in over a week = SHAME ON ME!

I have been so up and down lately that its been hard to find time to post.

Update: Last monday we got to see Baby Susan and she looked great. Everything still looked healhty and she was measuring like 3-4 days behind schedule. They also did an abdominal ultrasound to look at my stomach and see if the vomitting/nausea was something more than just morning sickness.

Last friday we hit the 31 week mark! I had a check up and it was a good news/bad news visit.
1. It turns out I do have a gall stone. They are just going to monitor it and if I suddenly have extreme pain they will send me to the hospital to talk about our options. Other than that I just get to avoid fatty/greasy foods. So long french fries and pizza... we have been such good friends this pregnancy but no more!
2. Baby Susan is now measuring 32 weeks. So she had a niec growth spurt (which apparently all my friends noticed - all they would say to me all week was how much bigger my stomach looked). She had good heartbeat and is still super active. I was told to keep an eye on her routine. I need to make sure she is still moving/active. It sounded like he wanted me to be kick counting but he told me after every meal. Well... problem with that is Susan isnt active after every meal. She has her routine, so I will just monitor is based on that.
3. I apparently mananged to gain 6 pounds in 1 week. To do that one would have to eat 3500*6 = 21,000 + 2100 a day which me and susan need to survive. Its really not possibly. I noticed this weekend my ankles are slightly more swollen (but its not enough anyone else would proly notice). My ankles are just not as skinny as they usually are. This past week was the first week I ate fresh fruit/drank lots of water. I have gotten in 8-9 cups a day (8 oz in a cup). So its just a water retention issue. But that took me a few days to assess.

This week has been pretty good. Tuesday we had our first lamaze class (and there was no he-he-he-ho's involved). It was a lot of the deep breathing (similar to yoga class). We learned all about the stages of labor, and talked about ways that our partner can help us take our mind off the pain. We were tasked with figuring out what we wanted and what wouldnt help us. And we talked about making sure we start thinking about what we will do if we go into labor at random times of the day. Have we thought of a plan to get home?

Wednesday, my best friend Danine got into town! I am happy to have her visiting. I sold my old bed frame and happy to be rid of it!

Friday, April 29, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant

So today marks 30 weeks pregnant. If she comes on her due date that would mean we are 3/4 of the way through this pregnancy.

Its been a rough week for me. As I have mentioned before I have continued to be plagued with morning sickness. This week it was on high. I seemed to feel ok while at work but as soon as I got home for the night I would fall apart. Tuesday and Wednesday nights were hard on my body and I could barely get up off the couch. My hips were killing me, my stomach hurt, and I felt nauseous. I threw up after dinner both nights. I got to the point on Thursday where I finally broke down and called my dr office to ask for something to help. They gave me a prescription for Zofran but I have to go see them to make sure everything is ok. So I have a surprise dr visit today. Of course, when I got home last night I felt ok enough (without taking the pill). My stomach feels very distended. I also realized (and I know this is TMI) that I havent pooped in quite a few days. I think that is due to not drinking enough (or hardly any water). That is directly linked to feeling nauseous and needing coke to make that feel better. UGH!

Eric did agree to go to the dr visit with me and then we are going to grab some lunch before I go back to work. He never goes to dr visits with me (too much waiting for him). We do have an apt next week also (which includes and ultrasound) so he will be going to that visit too!

We did find a daycare center we both really liked. I have to finish all the registration paperwork, and take it over with a deposit on Monday. I would take it today but with the dr apt I cant spare anymore time out of my schedule.

But here is the baby update:
Baby’s crown to rump length is around 28 cm (11 inches). Your baby weighs about 1500-1600 grams ( 3.3-3.5 pounds). Your baby is sleeping most of the time and has a period of REM sleep. You may notice a pattern of when your baby likes to sleep and when she likes to play. Her survival rate is now over 90% if she were to be born this week.

If REM is where dreams occur, what do you think fetuses dream about? Its something to ponder. I do notice she definitely has awake and asleep times. When I get home from work and want to relax, she throws kicks/jabs/elbows/head butts. She likes to sucker punch my bladder. She is a very active wiggle worm. Even at my sickest this week, she is a happy little bugger!

Last night, I found a good deal on craigslist for a huge bag of clothes, including lots of socks, shoes, some outfits, girly bibs, a blanket, a sling, a swaddler and a tummy time mat. It was a great deal. Sarah is going to go over my stash in 2 weeks and help me figure out what we are missing and what I should be focusing on getting. Plus we will have a good idea of what is needed post-baby shower.

No new pic this week. I should be getting some more shots via my sister this weekend so expect an update next week.

Friday, April 22, 2011

29 Weeks!

So today I am 29 weeks into my pregnancy.

Baby: Baby's head is in proportion with body now. She appears more like a newborn each and every day! Fat continues to accumulate under the skin -- only now preparing for entering the *real world*. Baby's brain can control primitive breathing and body temperatures. Her eyes can move in their sockets. Soon she will be able to follow a blinking light. Baby is increasingly sensitive to changes in light, sound, taste, and smell! Various studies show that baby may indicate preferences (or disdain) for particular tastes or odors at this stage. She is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, she will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if he is performing somersaults for a circus act! Her length is now approximately 15.2 inches (38.6cm) and weight is 2.54 pounds (1153gm)

Well... I had my check up yesterday. No weight gain (which means I am still at +11 for the pregnancy)! Dr said they could give me something for morning sickness but it would likely make me constipated (which is already a normal thing for me!) so she would also want me to take colace too. That starts to sound like too much, I will just follow the few remedies I have and try to keep it under control (and just continue to have my bad days). She said all the pain down in my baby area is being cause by the baby's head. Baby S has turned head down. So I am not just imagining that battering ram feeling on my bladder sometimes. I had my glucose testing. I will know by Monday if I passed or not. I am praying for a pass! (If I fail I have to go have the same test as a do-over but it is now 3 hours long instead of 1.)

I am doing my best to eat healthy. The morning sickness still comes and goes. But it is getting easier. I am working on drinking more water. Right now I am averaging about 4 cups a day (which is up from none but down from the 10+ I was downing prior to being pregnant). I have also been making sure I get my 5 fruits and veggies a day (during the day more than at night). I am still finding that I need a nap between 7 and 8pm and I generally nap until like 11pm when Eric gets home. At that point I move myself from the couch to the bed, and he will come lay/cuddle with me for a little bit.

Last night Eric did something super sweet that I havent seen him do before. We were laying in bed just talking (we havent had much time together this week due to his work schedule). I had mentioned that someone else said their husband would put their head on the stomach where the baby was and they could hear the baby moving. He decided to try it. He put his head up and she elbowed him a few times in the head. It was cute, but he kept his head down there and was just seeing if he could hear her (and he was talking to her at the same time). But then he was going to get up to have something to eat. He said "I love you" to me, and then he leaned down and kissed the baby and said "I love you" to her too. It was really a touching thing!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

I will do a weekend update tomorrow (since I have a cute story about Seth).

My sister did my first maternity photo shoot. I was excited but I dont really like having my photo taken. I dont know many people who do. I just see myself as heavy and with the growing belly, my self-image is only getting worse. I am the one who cant see her feet anymore.

But I wanted to help my sister build her portfolio. We spent just over an hour at 2 locations (2 parks she picked out around her house). I wore 4 different shirts and my jeans. 1 set of shots I was barefoot and the rest I wore a set of heels I brought.

The shots came out AMAZING! I finally saw in the shots why Eric says I am beautiful. The shots are so awesome! She did her magic and got 24 really good shots out of the 400 she took (I dont know if she is supplying more or not).

Complete showing of the shots: http://s125.photobucket.com/albums/p44/hkystar/28%20Weeks%20Photo%20Shoot/

Here are my fave shots:

Friday, April 15, 2011

28 weeks pregnant!

Week 28

•How far along: 28 weeks

•Baby Development: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 26 cm (10.2 inches) - total length is around 15.75 inches (http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=12941 - as long as this chicken dog toy!). Your baby weighs about 1100-1250 grams (2.4-2.75 pounds) - think of holding 500 pennies! Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is picking up body fat and filling out. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

•Total Weight Gain/Loss: I did not gain any weight this week! So I am still +12 pounds so far.

•Maternity Clothes: sometimes... I wear maternity pants but I have tons of clothes from 50 lbs heavier Maureen. So they fit over my belly. But the flip side is I just look fat and not pregnant. If I wear maternity shirts (which is about 50% of the time), I look pregnant. I feel like I am not as large as other women on my message board who are at the same place I am (or even a few weeks behind me). •Gender: Female (i hope its still a Baby S and not a Baby D). This is a big fear of mine!

•Movement: All the time when I sit or lay down. She is like a Mexican jumping bean! Its all over the place. Sometimes I feel her up high, over times down low, and sometimes I even feel it in my back/side. As soon as I stand up she seems to stop moving.

•Sleep: Its rough now. I am relying on the body pillow more and more. I was always a stomach sleeper, and I still find myself in that position. The pillow lets me do that and gives Baby S some padding. She doesn't kick or squirm as much with the pillow. I don't enjoy getting up to pee 3-4 times a night. I don't enjoy waking up feeling sick cause I haven't eaten/had anything to drink in awhile. I guess its all preparation for like post baby.

•What I miss: Sleeping through the night! Oh and being able to look down and see my feet.

•Cravings: Nothing really special... Coke has been a staple this week but that is more to counteract the nausea.

•Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting, I think I started getting braxton hicks contractions. I am having some not so pleasant cramps and tightening down in the baby producing area.

•Best Moment this week: Watching Eric's face light up when I put his hand on my belly and she kicks him. I think its easy for him to forget she is a living organism, and its an amazing feeling to me to see him get to feel some of her attention! I also had a great moment of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line on Sunday. It felt great but not my best idea (I hurt for 3-4 days post race).

•Next up: Next week is a lovely dr check up. It includes the wonderful GTT (gestational diabetes) test. So I get to fast for like 12 hours (not looking forward to this given that I get sick when I don't eat), and then go drink this craptastic liquid. An hour later I get my blood drawn. In the middle I will see the dr.

This weeks photo: No photo update today! I am getting my first maternity photo shoot from my sister (http://photos.beansproutphotography.com/). I will be getting a photo shoot every time I go visit (or she comes to see me) from now till Baby S comes! She is also doing our delivery room photos and Baby S's first photos too! But back to my weekly photo thing... I will make a post early next week with the shots that I like best!

Monday, April 11, 2011

We are now 1/2 marathoners!

So Sunday, Baby Susan and I completed our first 1/2 marathon. I registered back in late October, and got the first positive home pregnancy test the next day. I ran my 10K (my first race that I had run - not counting all the 5Ks I walk for fun). I figured I had already spent the money on the race, why not go.

I peed twice in the 45 mins before the race even started, and right off the starting line I felt like I had to pee again. I ran on and off for the first 3 miles till I got to the first water spot and port-a-potties. I hit the potty, got out a cereal bar, and was back on the road.

I ran on/off for the next 2 miles before Susan had shifted herself into a really bad spot, which made my lower baby area start hurting. So I just walked for awhile. I made sure to pee at stop mile 6. I had a pb&j sandwich there. That sandwich was the best sandwich I had EVER had! It was seriously AMAZING!

I was able to run some more on/off till I hit mile marker 9. I peed again and had another sandwich. I had some beautiful views of the Wright brother's memorial. I was really enjoying things and felt very good about myself that I was gonna do this!

Mile 10 started the hardest part of the walk. I could no longer run post mile 9. Everything just started to hurt. My knees were hurting, my ankles started killing me, my shins, my shoulders. I mean EVERYTHING was hurting. And mentally I was wearing out. I had to really just tell myself to keep going. I was so close to finishing it was a matter of pride. I could do it. I could finish. The water stop at mile 11 was nice. They were cheering me on, and told me not to go into labor. I just had to keep going.

Right after I hit mile 12 I realized I only had 1 mile left. I HAD to finish. It also became a trail to run on as opposed to roads. At that point I tried to run again and that was easier on my body than walking. So I took to running again. I was so happy to cross the finish line. As soon as I crossed and stopped moving, I felt everything just starting to hurt BAD. I did hear the announcer say that there were still 108 people on the trail. I had one watch really tracking my pace, and while racing I took 10 mins worth of potty breaks. So I would have finished closer to a 15 min mile if I had not needed to pee so much (I blame Susan for all the pee breaks).

Susan won the 27 week fetus age bracket! We did get passed by a woman who was 7 months pregnant but also weighed close to 50 pounds less than me. I am hoping that I can continue to set an example that fitness/health is important. I worry because my parents always stressed sports but it was never really about being healthy/staying fit. I want her to see that health is important. I plan to run most 1/2 marathons post baby and maybe even a full marathon (just one in my life). I want her to cheer me on and see the value of this kind of stuff.

I really feel like if I could mentally handle mile 10-12 then I can handle labor. It was all about keeping moving, keeping going and not quitting. I CAN DO THIS!

Friday, April 8, 2011

27 Weeks today

So today marks week 27 of my pregnancy. It is also April 8th... that is exactly 3 months till Baby Susan's due date. So I am now in the 3rd trimester! I had a startling realization today. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I oculdnt see my feet (or my weight for that matter). Its a digital scale though, so I just stepped off to see my weight. I am now +11 from 9/28 till now. All of that gain seems to have happened in the last 2 months. Its almost all baby (although some has settled on my thighs and also under my chin). I am still happily wearing a smaller size (in maternity clothes) than I did a year ago. My XL shirt for the race on Sunday fits with some room to spare. I just worry that with 13 weeks to go, and a gain of 1-2 lbs a week I potentially could be looking at gaining up to 26 more pounds. As I noted last week, Baby Susan could survive (with the help of machines) now and her chances get better with each day. Baby's lungs and immune system are maturing this week as baby prepares for his grand entrance. If he were born today he would have an 85 percent chance of surviving as his lungs are capable of breathing air (with medical assistance, of course). Other exciting developments:Baby's done a lot of growing over the past few months. His length has more than doubled in the past 15 weeks! And that's not the only thing growing—baby's brain tissue and neurons are all developing at a rapid pace. His brain waves are now firing away just like those of a newborn baby. Your baby’s sense of hearing is developing. She may be able to recognize your voice when you talk to her. If your baby is a boy, his testes are descending now. Your baby started opening her eyes last week. This week her retina is formed and she may be able to detect light and dark. Its quite amazing when I look at pictures of baby's born at 27 weeks. On the one hand they look so tiny. ~14.5 inches long (from top of the head to toes) which is about from the tip of my middle finger to my elbow. thats so tiny (think about how big that is if the baby is curled up). Its so tiny! Combine that with the fact that she weighs over 2 lbs, that is a huge thing in my stomach! Its such conflicting thoughts. But she is still very active. It felt like she was sticking a foot out my back one night this week. I think she is using my bladder as a trampoline. I am starting to pee at least once an hour.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So baby had her first bout of hiccups today! Well, she may have had them before, they can start as early as 20 weeks for an unborn baby. We are in the 26th week and maybe she has had them before this. but I am 100% positive she had them this morning. I was sitting at my desk and the little vibrations just started. It was pretty regular intervals but not very forceful. they were too well timed to be kicks/jabs/movement. It sorta felt like I was hiccuping (in a VERY soft way) but it was happening around my waist. It felt weird but also VERY cool! I am so excited about it.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

26 Week Update!

Due Date: July 8, 2011. 14 weeks to go! (well she could be here as soon as 10 weeks or as late as 17.5 weeks from now)

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Symptoms: I still have some nausea and vomiting but it is a lot less frequent than it has been in the past. No heartburn since that one incident *knocks on wood*. I am still burping like a PRO!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new here! Its the same old stuff but I am finding that smells affect how much I want to eat something. We went out to eat on Tuesday and I ordered crab cakes (cause it sounded good). But it smelled kinda fishy (or maybe it was his lobster pasta) so I only ate the french fries.

Sleep: I don't sleep well at all. I have been stressed out with some stuff and that has been keeping me up, combined with frequent potty breaks. I have a hard time falling back asleep after the potty breaks. But some nights go better than others (I guess it depends on how exhausted I am).

I am loving: Having an excuse for all kinds of weird behavior. I can eat cereal for lunch at work just because I am pregnant and that's what I want. I can have french fries when I want them (cause they make me feel better). I get to have milkshakes (those had been completely off limits pre-preggo).

I miss: seeing my boobs stick out past my stomach.

I am looking forward to: holding Baby Susan in my arms!

I'm spazzing about: Still the weight gain but I am in a much better place about it. And its been really weird to see my stomach moving on its own. She has been hanging out below the belly button, but this week I have seen the kicking way far north of that (just below the boobies).

Best moment this week: Susan is moving all over the place. This week I actually saw the movement. Its so weird but very cool to see my stomach randomly spasming.

Milestones: The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. She may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner's as you chat with each other. She's inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when she's born and takes that first gulp of air. And she's continuing to put on baby fat. She now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel. (Dr said she is probably about 2 lbs on Monday). If you want a good idea of how big she is, http://img.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2007/09_02/henryMS1509_468x351.jpg .

Movement: She is active in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening during my tv time. And she goes nuts anytime I sit at the computer!

It's a...: Still a girl i hope

Exercise: not as much as I should. I have yoga on Sunday and I should try to get a walk or 2 in this weekend.

Diet: Not as healthy as I would like but I am working on it. I did a much better job this week of getting in more fruits/veggies and drinking less soda/more water.

Belly Pic: (sorry for the dirty mirror)

Dr Apt

So I had my regular 4 week check up. I got the nurse to let me pee before I weighed in (which makes a difference for me). I was up 4lbs from last apt. That did not spark any red flags with the Dr and so weight didn't even come up (hooray!). My blood pressure back to the low normal side, which had been normal for me pre-pregnancy. It started getting higher for quite awhile (but that's all relative since it was still in the normal range). I showed the Dr my birth plan. She said it all looked normal/typical. There was nothing deemed unreasonable. The only thing she commented on was I had written down that I wanted to wait a bit for the eye drops and Vit K. I just want to make sure Eric and myself get a little special bonding time before they do anything with her/to her. The Dr said they always just do both immediately following because that's just the way its done. She didn't see any reason why it couldn't wait. This apt was the first time she pulled out the measuring tape. I have no idea what she was measuring for, but she ran it from right under the boobs down to the pooch pouch. She then pulled out the Doppler and I got the hear the wonderful heartbeat. It really is such a joy/blessing to be hear her heartbeat every visit. I think Eric is missing out since he doesn't go to the visits (all the waiting really drives him crazy). Next apt is 3 weeks from today. I have to get my glucose tested (AGAIN!). The first time around it was to see if I was diabetic (which I am not). This time around its to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I need to research a little more but near as I can tell that just means she could be a bigger baby. After that the apts start coming in 2 week increments! It feels like time is flying and that its going super slow all at the same time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthing Plan

I am trying to get on a roll and be prepared for things to come. Yesterday I wrote out the first draft of my birthing plan. I think I have some things figured out but I plan to take it to the dr apt on Monday to get his feedback and maybe get some information on things I havent considered. I was happy with my first draft plan. There is only one issue that I need to get my bf on board with. I asked him if he wants to cut the cord and he keeps saying no. He doesnt think he can handle all the blood and stuff. I think he is gonna regret it later if he doesnt. So I have it written in the plan that he needs to be offered the option first. If he still says no, I asked Sarah if she wanted to. She seemed to like that idea. So she will cut the cord in that case. But I told him he really needs to think about it, so that he doesnt regret things later.

Today I tried to get things lined up for my maternity leave. My company says you need to contact the insurance company as soon as you can, and they said no more than 30 days before my due date. So I printed out all my paperwork and just set them aside. I have at least looked into it now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Room bedding!

So I finalyl got hte baby room bedding ordered! It took us a month from finding out baby is a Susan, to finding a crib set we both liked. Eric wanted purple and I wanted animals and finding both in a set was hard to do. I couldnt find one I liked on amazon or babys-r-us. I found the set at overstock.com. But it was $115 (not inculding whatever their shipping prices are) and that was for a 13 piece set. That includes: sheet, blanket, crib bumper, 2 pillows,1 crib skirt, 2 short curtains (I dont know what they are really called), 3 pieces of wall art, 1 toy bag and 1 diaper hanger. I found the set new on ebay for $70 including s&h. It took 2 auctions but I wont the set.


Once the set arrives I am going to go buy some matching or complimenting paint (prolly in a light purple color) and Eric will be tasked with painting the room. I have had a few other friends/family volunteer to help. I will be in the kitchen making treats for all the helpers. Then we will just need the delivery of the crib (we are getting from a friend) and I can set up the dresser and bookcases.

We will start hanging the wall art. Sarah has this wonderful giraffe picture she is going to let me have. I will frame that for the wall. We will do an animal collage. And the project I am most excited about is we are doing a set of 12x12 frames each with one letter to her name decorated. Its going to be so cute. I will post update pictures as I go.

Only after we are done painting and the dresser is set up will I start to hang clothing in the closet. Until then, all the baby stuff is piling up on the side of the guest bedroom.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today's workout

It was so nice out even if it was a little breezy so I decided to go for a walk/run.

I havent done this for awhile so I went easy on myself. I ran 3 miles in 45:05 mins (15min mile pace) and burned 561 calories. I walked most of the time. When I would try to run during the first half I was getting these KILLER cramps on my left side of my baby area. So I walked for awhile and then did slow running and that seemed to go better. I hope to do this again tomorrow (but go for longer) if the weather is nice.

I was excited to play with my new toys! I got some nice running stuff for christmas but havent really gone out running since (its been winter!). I used my hrm watch (thats old stuff) to track my calories/heart rate (keeping it below 180 when out running but above 130). I used my new garmin gps running watch. It kept track of distance, speed and time. I used the camel pack I got for xmas (it felt reassuring to run with my keys not tucked in my shoe and my cell phone in the bag). Plus that meant I could have plenty of water while out running.

Friday, March 18, 2011

24 Week Update!

Due Date: July 8, 2011. 16 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: 9 lbs

Symptoms: I still have some naseau and vomitting but that was just exacerbated by the travel this past weekend. I had my first experience with heartburn this past Wed. It was the most AWFUL feeling ever. I think I prefer to just throw up.

Cravings/Aversions: Food smells still can set me off - no fried chicken, no chicken wings. In terms of cravings, I am still big on pizza/coke and cereal with milk.

Sleep: I am sleeping ok. I have about 3-4 potty breaks every night. I did not sleep well in the hotel bed, so I am glad to be home!

I am loving: Not being glared out for having a second piece of cake at my brother's wedding.

I miss: Fitting into my size 14 pants (without the belly band or kangaroo pouch) and seeing my stomach shrink

I am looking forward to: See I miss question.

I'm spazzing about: Picking crib bedding for the nursery. That will then lead to getting paint for the nursery. That then leads to getting all the furniture together and getting the room completely set up. That leads to clothing arranged (and figuring out if we have enough) and also leads to making sure we have plenty of diapers!

Best moment this week: Technically it was last week, but we were laying on the hotel bed watching tv, and I had Eric put his hand on the baby area again and he got to feel constant movement for about 20mins! That is the second time he has felt her.

Milestones: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 22 cm. Your baby weighs about 600-700 grams. Your baby’s eyes are completely developed now and will open soon. Her skin is red and wrinkled looking. More than half of babies born at this age will survive. She is probably close to 20 ounces now, so

Movement: She is active in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening during my tv time. And she goes nuts anytime I sit at the computer!

It's a...: Still a girl i hope

Exercise: not as much as I should. I have yoga on Sunday and I should try to get a walk or 2 in this weekend.

Diet: Not as healthy as I would like but I am working on it.

Belly Pic: