Thursday, August 11, 2011

BF surprised me

So last night, we finally got Susie to sleep (which bf was wonderfully helpful with her last night). We were laying in bed and I pointed out that he could turn the lights out. He just laughed and when I rolled over, there was a little box sitting on his chest. He had these lovely ruby earrings for me. They are so perfect. They are simple and match my baby necklace perfectly. I love them (and I am wearing them today - which is a shock cause I never wear earrings). They are going to make a perfect gift for Susie in like 14-16 years. I got the baby necklace for my birthday last year. I told him that I would love some earrings but my plan all along as been that they would be a birthday gift for Susie when she gets old enough to appreciate them.

Today Eric has been wonderfully helpful with her. He has the day off and been helping me. If she is fussy (and that's not really if, but more of when), we are tag teaming the situation. One person comforts her for 20 mins and then we switch. It is really keeping us both sane. She seems pretty fussy when awake. I talked to the ped office today. they said smaller meals and make sure she sits up right for 30 mins post eating. So we are gonna shoot for feeding every 2-3 hours and keep it to 3oz or less.

this weekend I am going to my sister's house with the baby, Eric is staying home because he has to work on Saturday. I hope she will behave in the car. I might try to drive straight there and not stop for food/gas. It will be nice to have some other mommies to kinda see how she acts and help me figure out if we need to see the Dr next week or not.

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