Tuesday, December 20, 2011

5 months old

So Susie turned 5 months old last Friday. I cant believe how quickly she is getting bigger. I feel like we just brought her home and now she is like double the size she was (well not quite). She is becoming my big girl. She is such a wonderful girl! I love her so much. I still cant believe that I can love someone as much as I love her.

She isnt rolling over yet. If you take her hands, and help her up a little, she will stand up. She seems amazed that she can do that. But she is so strong. She can stand for almost a min before crumpling back down. She has this big, beautiful, heart melting smile. She loves to smile and laugh. She is very social. She is so well behaved when we go out in public. She will sit well through dinner (mostly). If dinner takes too long, she does start to get irritable. She is learning to entertain herself more and more. She will lay on her playmat and play with all the hanging toys. She loves the one that when you pull vibrate as they go back up.

She is very determined to get ANYTHING she has in her hand into her mouth. Her hand eye coordination is not quite there yet though. Its very amusing to watch her take the toy in her hand and then try to get it into her mouth. She hits her cheek/forehead A LOT. But its so cute to watch.

She sits in her bouncy seat but its starting to be too small for her. She is getting heavier and its getting bent a bit more. Plus she has started working on flipping herself out of the seat any chance she gets.

I am so excited about Christmas for her. She has no clue what the toys even are, but she is getting quite a few of them. I want to open them all now and play with them (with her of course)!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Formula Sales!

For those who dont know... formula is expensive! Its really expensive... Its more expensive if your baby has a sensative stomach. Well anyways, thats our case with Susie. She uses gentalease enfamil formula. Well regular price its like $27 for 23oz of powder. That lasts us a week. Thats right, ONE WEEK! Its expensive.

If we paid that for the first year of her life 52 weeks * $27 = $1400! Its hard!

Well CVS had a sale and so I have used up all my formula checks for the next few months to get 6 containers of formula.

It was on sale for $23, and if you spend $30 you get a $10 gift card.
6 containers * $23 = $138
- $5 off 2 coupons (from the paper a few weeks ago) = $138 - $15 = $123
- $3 off $15 in baby CVS coupon = $120
- formula checks (3 x $5, 1 x $1, 2 x $4) = $120 - $24 = $96

To round my order out to get to the $150 total I am buying 2 12packs of toilet paper at $7.50 each.
$7.50 * 2 = $15
- 2 x $1 coupons = $13

combine together we get $96 + $13 = $109
But I am getting 5 AMEX cards worth $10 a piece
so I spent $59 plus tax on 6 containers of formula and 24 rolls of toilet paper

So far I have excuted this plan perfectly and gotten 4 containers of formula. I have ot go out tonight and get the last 2 and the toilet paper.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping this year is just so crazy. I had to buy gifts from us and then from Susie for a lot of people. Its just a lot of thought has to be put into the gifts.

Well with 2 weeks to Christmas, I am almost done!

Sarah, Sam, Sean, Seth - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie)
Chase, Nicci - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie) - includes a bday gift for Chase!

Jamie - mostly done... have to get Susie's gift
Danine - not done

Grammy Pammy - done but not sent
Grandpa Warren/Granny - both done but not sent
Eric's neices/nephews - not done (I gotta get on this!)

As for Christmas cards! I am happy to report they have been ordered. Once they get here, I told Eric he will be on duty to help me get them all labeled and in the mail ASAP!

I am in good shape for Christmas I feel. I got Susie's gift. I got Eric's gift. I got Eric a gift from Susie. I have stocking stuffers! I am sitting pretty.

Almost done stressing!