Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping this year is just so crazy. I had to buy gifts from us and then from Susie for a lot of people. Its just a lot of thought has to be put into the gifts.

Well with 2 weeks to Christmas, I am almost done!

Sarah, Sam, Sean, Seth - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie)
Chase, Nicci - DONE (with gifts from me/Eric and Susie) - includes a bday gift for Chase!

Jamie - mostly done... have to get Susie's gift
Danine - not done

Grammy Pammy - done but not sent
Grandpa Warren/Granny - both done but not sent
Eric's neices/nephews - not done (I gotta get on this!)

As for Christmas cards! I am happy to report they have been ordered. Once they get here, I told Eric he will be on duty to help me get them all labeled and in the mail ASAP!

I am in good shape for Christmas I feel. I got Susie's gift. I got Eric's gift. I got Eric a gift from Susie. I have stocking stuffers! I am sitting pretty.

Almost done stressing!

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