Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oct body changes

So I am going to be brave. I am posting my weight as of Friday the 29th and I am going to take my measurements. Then in 4 weeks (end of Oct) I am going to take them all again to see what changes my body has made. I have started running again and want to know that I am changing my body. Pound wise my goal is to lose 4lbs in Oct. I keep my goal reasonable at 1 pound a week.

Weight: 201.9
neck: 14"
Left arm: 13.5"
Right arm: 13.5"
boobs: 41"
under chest: 37"
belly (at largest part): 46"
waistline: 42"
hips: 46"
left thigh: 25"
right thigh: 25"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So I have been couponing for almost 6 months. I save a little (which I generally just use to buy some of the bigger items that were never part of my food budget). I have never had an absolutely amazing grocery trip until today! I went in to just stock up since Harris Teeter was having triple coupons for all coupons under $.99 . I had a budget of $20 and it had to include a gallon of milk.

I spent $14.72 and saved $37.25! My total bill should have been $51.97. That is a savings of almost 72%. And I didnt just buy junk!

I got:
3 boxes of hamburger helper (not the healthiest but I am a working mom)
2 containers of Betty Crocker frosting (I will probably donate this because I hardly ever use frosting)
2 boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix
Nature Valley Granola thins (easy to eat while feeding the baby at 4am)
Fiber One Brownies (they are ok, but low calorie and satisfy my sweet tooth)
2 bottle of Gain liquid soap (we use more now since we wash all bottle by hand)
French's Dijon Mustard
3 cans of campbell soup
3 cans of spaghetti Oh's (easy for bf to eat after work at 11pm)
1 gallon of 1% milk
2 totinos pizza rolls (bf loves them)
1 box luigi italian ice
1 echrich farm turkey sausage

2 month check up

So Susie had her 2 month check-up yesterday. She is 23inches long (75th percentile). She weighed in at 10lbs 8oz (50th percentile) and her head is about 16inches circumference (75th percentile). The dr described her as long and lean. So she looks skinny due to her length. She was all smiles for the dr. She cooed at the dr and was super friendly with the nurses. She is right on track developmentally.

We only got one shot, since I prefer to wait (and I am glad I only let her get 1 shot). She got her DTaP, Polio and Hib in one shot. She screamed like crazy and pulled out some bottom lip action after she got the shot. She came home and was sleepy. She ended up having a mild reaction to the shot. She slept ALL day yesterday and had no interest in eating at all. She screamed for about 40 mins when I touched near the spot of the shot. She ended up crying herself to sleep and would just randomly wake up crying all evening. She finally ate like normal about 7pm (about 10 hours after the apt). And she still slept through the night (well her long sleep was only 6 hours instead of 7). I felt so bad for her.

We go back next thurs for her to get Rotavirus and Pneumococcal. I was also told that since she is too young to get a flu shot, both bf and I should get one. Bf is not thrilled with this. I am going to get one before I go back to work, since my office is a petri-dish of diseases! People never call in sick, they bring their germs with them to work and share them with all of us!

Lots of small posts to come

Its been a busy but eventful few days. So just letting you know I have many updates that will come. Most will be short, but I will write it all down anyways.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Baby Leg Warmers

I have never see anything so cute in my life. I saw pics of other babies wearing them and I got jealous. How could they be so cute and Susie not have a pair!!!! So this past weekend, I went out shopping (with my future MIL). We went to Babys R Us and they didnt have any. I am surprised. How do they not carry them?!? So we went to target. I got this pair that is cute/ I found an outfit in Susie's closet that matched them perfectly. And here is the result!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday- good deal at target

So when I was wandering around target, my sister found this great deal! I got 8 x 6 bottles of ready made gerber gentle good start formula. They were marked down from $11.99 to $4.24 each. I also had 4 gerber formula checks (from a wonderful friend on my weightless message board). So $95.92 went to $33.92 to $23.87 will save the packs for daycare. They need some as an emergency and I don't want them giving her regular similac. We have had enough tummy troubles!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Susan's saturday

Here is Susan's Saturday:
12:00 slept (went to sleep at 9:30 the previous night)
12:15 self entertained but made enough noise to wake mommy
12:30 ate 4oz
12:45 slept
5:30 self entertained but made sure mommy knew she was hungry
5:50 got diaper changed (just pee) and ate 4oz - farted and grunted like crazy
6:20 worked on a disgusting runny poop and got diaper changed
6:40 played with Seth, Aunt Sarah and mommy; got dressed
7:10 cuddled with mommy
7:25 slept
7:55 cuddled with mommy after accidently waking up
8:15 slept
8:45 traveled to football game (awake)
9:05 ate 3oz and got a diaper change (pee)
9:20 moby wrap to walk around and fall asleep
9:45 slept
10:20 fussy awake
10:35 slept
11:40 self entertained
12:00 ate 3oz and had diaper changed (pee)
12:20 awake and happy
12:45 traveled to lunch (very unhappy in car)
1:10 at lunch, calmed down Due to being held
1:15 back in car but napped on the way home
1:25 awake and fussy
1:40 trying to fall asleep
2:10 slept
4:05 diaper change (pee and poop - 2 diapers) and ate 4oz
4:30 1/2 awake 1/2 asleep
5:00 slept
5:45 awake (and on/off fussy)
7:10 ate 3oz - spit back up 1oz
7:30 screaming until she finally settled down - little bit of sleeping
9:00 bath time
9:20 ate 4 oz
9:50 off to bed!

13 hours of sleep!