Saturday, September 3, 2011

Susan's saturday

Here is Susan's Saturday:
12:00 slept (went to sleep at 9:30 the previous night)
12:15 self entertained but made enough noise to wake mommy
12:30 ate 4oz
12:45 slept
5:30 self entertained but made sure mommy knew she was hungry
5:50 got diaper changed (just pee) and ate 4oz - farted and grunted like crazy
6:20 worked on a disgusting runny poop and got diaper changed
6:40 played with Seth, Aunt Sarah and mommy; got dressed
7:10 cuddled with mommy
7:25 slept
7:55 cuddled with mommy after accidently waking up
8:15 slept
8:45 traveled to football game (awake)
9:05 ate 3oz and got a diaper change (pee)
9:20 moby wrap to walk around and fall asleep
9:45 slept
10:20 fussy awake
10:35 slept
11:40 self entertained
12:00 ate 3oz and had diaper changed (pee)
12:20 awake and happy
12:45 traveled to lunch (very unhappy in car)
1:10 at lunch, calmed down Due to being held
1:15 back in car but napped on the way home
1:25 awake and fussy
1:40 trying to fall asleep
2:10 slept
4:05 diaper change (pee and poop - 2 diapers) and ate 4oz
4:30 1/2 awake 1/2 asleep
5:00 slept
5:45 awake (and on/off fussy)
7:10 ate 3oz - spit back up 1oz
7:30 screaming until she finally settled down - little bit of sleeping
9:00 bath time
9:20 ate 4 oz
9:50 off to bed!

13 hours of sleep!

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