Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Review

So here is my review of Christmas.

First Christmas was spent at Sarah's the weekend before Christmas. I gave the boys and everyone their gifts and I got mine from them. The boys loved their lego set (I hope they had a good time playing with it put together).

Eric was a wonderful Santa. He got me way more than he should but every gift was wonderful. He got my a really nice birthday gift in Nov so I really wasn't expecting much for Christmas. I gave him a list of 2 small things and was going to be quite happy to just get one. He got both and more. He got me a camel pack for running! He got me an aerobic step (so I can step and watch tv). He got me a LOVELY necklace. Its a small ruby in the shape of a heart. Ruby represents both Christmas (due to it being red) but it is also *hopefully* going to be the baby's birthstone. I was touched he put wonderful thought into the gift for me. Made me feel almost kinda bleh. I didn't put nearly as much thought into his gifts. I got him a bunch of small stuff (new underwear, a fleece, some cashews) and I gave him some money to save towards a computer (or fixing his car). I have some tricks up my sleeve for his birthday coming up in Feb. Hopefully he wont do something stupid and spoil it!

We went to KS to spend Christmas with his family. We told his whole family and everyone is so supportive. His mom was wonderful. It was so nice to have someone who was completely understanding of my current physical state (aka morning sickness, nausea, food aversions). It was nice and Santa gave me 2 days free of vomit!

From 12-6-2010

Time for an update on all the goings on as of week 9 day 3. My 30th Bdy has come and gone and who would have guessed I would have been pregnant? I think this was always a future plan never an in the now plan. Well... there is no pushing it off, it truely is here!

I have a bold statements about this whole pregnancy thing (and I am hoping I will retract it in a few weeks).

I dont enjoy being pregnant! NOT AT ALL... I am just miserable. I have had bronchitis and with that came coughing so hard I am now vomitting. I am on an antibiotic for the bronchitis, but I was also given a cough/naseau medicine to use sparingly. Well, in using it sparingly I am still throwing up (doesnt take much coughing anymore to induce). In the last 10 days I have thrown up at least 12 times (hard to remember days with multiple incidents). On top of that I have felt just miserable since about week 5. I dont enjoy these feelings. I dont like being bloated all night. I just spent 7 months changing my life style so I would feel good, and now I have reveresed it (at least temporarily). UGH! The next few weeks cant fly by fast enough!

And to top it off, my wonderfully supportive bf has made at least 2 stupid insensative comments to me. First one was that I could control my morning sickness and that I am not. REALLY? I can control this? I can magicly make myself not feel like I am going to throw up all the time? I know how to make that happen but that means no baby! I dont get it. Does he think I enjoy feeling awful? Does he think I am doing this just to make him feel bad? DUMB DA DUMB DUMB! Comment number 2 was Sat night, after I got done throwing up. So I just didnt have a lot of energy that night, and really dont like sitting in front of hte toilet to throw up, so I brought the trash can out to the couch. I just leaned over and started throwing up. That got him really upset. And I will comment it was the worst throwing up I have done yet. It hurt my throat really bad and was just awful tastes (not like throwing up ice cream!). So afterwards he asked what I ate that made me throw up. I told him I hadnt eaten since dinner and he saw what I had for dinner. He told me I needed to stop eating things that were gonna make me throw up. I dont think he realizes that something can be so tastey going down and can be exactly what I want to eat, but still make me throw up! I cant really control it and it changes just about every hour! I know he is saying this cause he is concerned and its hard for him to watch me be so sick, but he needs to think before he speaks. I love him dearly even though he says stupid stuff. I am lucky he is concerned about me and my health.

My eating habits are so awful right now! I cant stand the thought of veggies. I dont want salads, I just want bad stuff. I eat pizza, and I have to drink cokes all the time. I cant drink water. GRRR! I am lucky I just in general cant eat much and that I am throwing up all the time. Otherwise I am going to just start ballooning soon! I have gone from 201 (right about the time I got preggers) down to 191 (about a week or two ago) back up to 194 (hanging out there now). I was a runner pre-baby. I have plans to run a 1/2 marathon at 6 mos pregnant (if I can - prolly will walk most of it - and I am still researching if its a good idea or not). I havent worked out in almost 2 weeks. That is so awful for me. I am going to do my first run tomorrow (first run in 2 weeks). I am looking forward to it! My friend is going to go workout with me right after work.

And last note... tonight is our 2 yr anniversary! We are going to the melting pot for dinner. I think dinner will consist of the cheese course and the dessert course (unless my body says otherwise!). I am soooo excited about it. I cant beleive we have only been together for 2 years. I feel like we have known each other forever. I love that I still get as excited about dates now as I did when we first started dating. I love that he is still as attractive (actually more attractive) that when I met him.

Repost from 11-30-2010

So Eric (my bf) and I have been dating for 2 years. We met through an online dating avenue. I remember meeting him and thinking he was the cutest, funniest guy I had been on a date with in a long time. It took one date and we were both hooked. By the end of 1 month of dating, he had basically moved in with me, but it took us another 11 months to actually find and buy a house together. We officially moved in together in Jan and I can honestly say he is my best friend and the GREATEST guy EVER! He treats me so wonderfully and I love our life together.

Here is us at West Side Story (the first gift he gave me).

Here is us at his friends wedding about this past October (its our last pic together pre-pregnancy).

So I last had my period in August 2010 (and this has thrown a lot of people off). I didn't think anything of missing the first period. I felt fine, and I had been in the process of losing weight, so I had dropped over 40 pounds, and I figured it was my body adjusting to things. I missed my pills with like 3-5 days left in the pack, so I just was waiting for the period so I could restart taking the pill again. We weren't using any other form of protection so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. But we both thought we were gonna be fairly sterile. I had been diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and my sister has had TONS of problems conceiving, so I just assumed I couldn't get pregnant that easy. But when my period didn't come in Oct I got a little nervous. I didn't say anything right away but I talked to a friend about 2 weeks later and she told me I better go check to see if I was pregnant. I laughed at her but I did pull out a test that night and tried. Well I couldn't pee, so I left the test sitting open. I peed on it the following morning and I got a faint positive. I FLIPPED out. I started freaking. I told my friend at work and she told me to get another test and try again. We both concluded that I had screwed it up leaving it out all night, so it was obviously wrong. I ran a 10K the next morning and all I could think the whole time was about the test. I bought a digital test that night and tried again ... PREGNANT. I tried the second one the next morning PREGNANT. I am totally freaking out at this point.

I talked to my best friend in WI and my brothers gf (she had a miscarriage a year ago in a similar situation). They both told me to get into the dr ASAP. I told my bf that night. He was in total shock. He just laid there for awhile and didn't say a whole lot. I did a lot of talking. I said we had options. We weren't planning to have a family for another 2-5 years. We weren't planning on getting married any time soon. We have just been reveling in being a couple. I was happy with our life. I am not sure we are ready for a baby. I told him there was options for termination (to not put it out there would be a lie about my mind state and this is a journal about me). He immediately started acting like I was not expecting. He started to get excited. "Its the right time. We are in the perfect place in our life for a baby." He was actually excited (I am thinking, who are you and where is my real bf?) We didnt sleep much that night, but we talked a lot.

I had my first dr exam that next morning. I hated the midwife. They made fun of me for messing up a pregnancy test. The midwife told me I was fluffy. She saw when my last period was and started immediately with the "you are 12 weeks"... I FREAKED OUT! *** 12 WEEKS NOT POSSIBLE. Thankfully the blood test said I was only 4-5 weeks, and that was confirmed with the ultrasound. So my conclusion is I missed the first period for an unknown reason but immediately got pregnant during the next month. So the second missed period was due to pregnancy.

First ultrasound Nov 16 - 6W 4D

Second ultrasound Nov 30 - 8W 4D

3D pic!

New turn for the blog

I am going to turn this into a baby blog for me. Its just how I feel and what is going on with me and the soon to be new addition to our family!