Thursday, December 30, 2010

Repost from 11-30-2010

So Eric (my bf) and I have been dating for 2 years. We met through an online dating avenue. I remember meeting him and thinking he was the cutest, funniest guy I had been on a date with in a long time. It took one date and we were both hooked. By the end of 1 month of dating, he had basically moved in with me, but it took us another 11 months to actually find and buy a house together. We officially moved in together in Jan and I can honestly say he is my best friend and the GREATEST guy EVER! He treats me so wonderfully and I love our life together.

Here is us at West Side Story (the first gift he gave me).

Here is us at his friends wedding about this past October (its our last pic together pre-pregnancy).

So I last had my period in August 2010 (and this has thrown a lot of people off). I didn't think anything of missing the first period. I felt fine, and I had been in the process of losing weight, so I had dropped over 40 pounds, and I figured it was my body adjusting to things. I missed my pills with like 3-5 days left in the pack, so I just was waiting for the period so I could restart taking the pill again. We weren't using any other form of protection so I guess we shouldn't be too surprised. But we both thought we were gonna be fairly sterile. I had been diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and my sister has had TONS of problems conceiving, so I just assumed I couldn't get pregnant that easy. But when my period didn't come in Oct I got a little nervous. I didn't say anything right away but I talked to a friend about 2 weeks later and she told me I better go check to see if I was pregnant. I laughed at her but I did pull out a test that night and tried. Well I couldn't pee, so I left the test sitting open. I peed on it the following morning and I got a faint positive. I FLIPPED out. I started freaking. I told my friend at work and she told me to get another test and try again. We both concluded that I had screwed it up leaving it out all night, so it was obviously wrong. I ran a 10K the next morning and all I could think the whole time was about the test. I bought a digital test that night and tried again ... PREGNANT. I tried the second one the next morning PREGNANT. I am totally freaking out at this point.

I talked to my best friend in WI and my brothers gf (she had a miscarriage a year ago in a similar situation). They both told me to get into the dr ASAP. I told my bf that night. He was in total shock. He just laid there for awhile and didn't say a whole lot. I did a lot of talking. I said we had options. We weren't planning to have a family for another 2-5 years. We weren't planning on getting married any time soon. We have just been reveling in being a couple. I was happy with our life. I am not sure we are ready for a baby. I told him there was options for termination (to not put it out there would be a lie about my mind state and this is a journal about me). He immediately started acting like I was not expecting. He started to get excited. "Its the right time. We are in the perfect place in our life for a baby." He was actually excited (I am thinking, who are you and where is my real bf?) We didnt sleep much that night, but we talked a lot.

I had my first dr exam that next morning. I hated the midwife. They made fun of me for messing up a pregnancy test. The midwife told me I was fluffy. She saw when my last period was and started immediately with the "you are 12 weeks"... I FREAKED OUT! *** 12 WEEKS NOT POSSIBLE. Thankfully the blood test said I was only 4-5 weeks, and that was confirmed with the ultrasound. So my conclusion is I missed the first period for an unknown reason but immediately got pregnant during the next month. So the second missed period was due to pregnancy.

First ultrasound Nov 16 - 6W 4D

Second ultrasound Nov 30 - 8W 4D

3D pic!

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