Thursday, March 31, 2011

26 Week Update!

Due Date: July 8, 2011. 14 weeks to go! (well she could be here as soon as 10 weeks or as late as 17.5 weeks from now)

Weight Gain: 11 pounds

Symptoms: I still have some nausea and vomiting but it is a lot less frequent than it has been in the past. No heartburn since that one incident *knocks on wood*. I am still burping like a PRO!

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing new here! Its the same old stuff but I am finding that smells affect how much I want to eat something. We went out to eat on Tuesday and I ordered crab cakes (cause it sounded good). But it smelled kinda fishy (or maybe it was his lobster pasta) so I only ate the french fries.

Sleep: I don't sleep well at all. I have been stressed out with some stuff and that has been keeping me up, combined with frequent potty breaks. I have a hard time falling back asleep after the potty breaks. But some nights go better than others (I guess it depends on how exhausted I am).

I am loving: Having an excuse for all kinds of weird behavior. I can eat cereal for lunch at work just because I am pregnant and that's what I want. I can have french fries when I want them (cause they make me feel better). I get to have milkshakes (those had been completely off limits pre-preggo).

I miss: seeing my boobs stick out past my stomach.

I am looking forward to: holding Baby Susan in my arms!

I'm spazzing about: Still the weight gain but I am in a much better place about it. And its been really weird to see my stomach moving on its own. She has been hanging out below the belly button, but this week I have seen the kicking way far north of that (just below the boobies).

Best moment this week: Susan is moving all over the place. This week I actually saw the movement. Its so weird but very cool to see my stomach randomly spasming.

Milestones: The network of nerves in your baby's ears is better developed and more sensitive than before. She may now be able to hear both your voice and your partner's as you chat with each other. She's inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid, which is essential for the development of his lungs. These so-called breathing movements are also good practice for when she's born and takes that first gulp of air. And she's continuing to put on baby fat. She now weighs about a pound and two-thirds and measures 14 inches (an English hothouse cucumber) from head to heel. (Dr said she is probably about 2 lbs on Monday). If you want a good idea of how big she is, .

Movement: She is active in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening during my tv time. And she goes nuts anytime I sit at the computer!

It's a...: Still a girl i hope

Exercise: not as much as I should. I have yoga on Sunday and I should try to get a walk or 2 in this weekend.

Diet: Not as healthy as I would like but I am working on it. I did a much better job this week of getting in more fruits/veggies and drinking less soda/more water.

Belly Pic: (sorry for the dirty mirror)

Dr Apt

So I had my regular 4 week check up. I got the nurse to let me pee before I weighed in (which makes a difference for me). I was up 4lbs from last apt. That did not spark any red flags with the Dr and so weight didn't even come up (hooray!). My blood pressure back to the low normal side, which had been normal for me pre-pregnancy. It started getting higher for quite awhile (but that's all relative since it was still in the normal range). I showed the Dr my birth plan. She said it all looked normal/typical. There was nothing deemed unreasonable. The only thing she commented on was I had written down that I wanted to wait a bit for the eye drops and Vit K. I just want to make sure Eric and myself get a little special bonding time before they do anything with her/to her. The Dr said they always just do both immediately following because that's just the way its done. She didn't see any reason why it couldn't wait. This apt was the first time she pulled out the measuring tape. I have no idea what she was measuring for, but she ran it from right under the boobs down to the pooch pouch. She then pulled out the Doppler and I got the hear the wonderful heartbeat. It really is such a joy/blessing to be hear her heartbeat every visit. I think Eric is missing out since he doesn't go to the visits (all the waiting really drives him crazy). Next apt is 3 weeks from today. I have to get my glucose tested (AGAIN!). The first time around it was to see if I was diabetic (which I am not). This time around its to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I need to research a little more but near as I can tell that just means she could be a bigger baby. After that the apts start coming in 2 week increments! It feels like time is flying and that its going super slow all at the same time!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthing Plan

I am trying to get on a roll and be prepared for things to come. Yesterday I wrote out the first draft of my birthing plan. I think I have some things figured out but I plan to take it to the dr apt on Monday to get his feedback and maybe get some information on things I havent considered. I was happy with my first draft plan. There is only one issue that I need to get my bf on board with. I asked him if he wants to cut the cord and he keeps saying no. He doesnt think he can handle all the blood and stuff. I think he is gonna regret it later if he doesnt. So I have it written in the plan that he needs to be offered the option first. If he still says no, I asked Sarah if she wanted to. She seemed to like that idea. So she will cut the cord in that case. But I told him he really needs to think about it, so that he doesnt regret things later.

Today I tried to get things lined up for my maternity leave. My company says you need to contact the insurance company as soon as you can, and they said no more than 30 days before my due date. So I printed out all my paperwork and just set them aside. I have at least looked into it now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Room bedding!

So I finalyl got hte baby room bedding ordered! It took us a month from finding out baby is a Susan, to finding a crib set we both liked. Eric wanted purple and I wanted animals and finding both in a set was hard to do. I couldnt find one I liked on amazon or babys-r-us. I found the set at But it was $115 (not inculding whatever their shipping prices are) and that was for a 13 piece set. That includes: sheet, blanket, crib bumper, 2 pillows,1 crib skirt, 2 short curtains (I dont know what they are really called), 3 pieces of wall art, 1 toy bag and 1 diaper hanger. I found the set new on ebay for $70 including s&h. It took 2 auctions but I wont the set.

Once the set arrives I am going to go buy some matching or complimenting paint (prolly in a light purple color) and Eric will be tasked with painting the room. I have had a few other friends/family volunteer to help. I will be in the kitchen making treats for all the helpers. Then we will just need the delivery of the crib (we are getting from a friend) and I can set up the dresser and bookcases.

We will start hanging the wall art. Sarah has this wonderful giraffe picture she is going to let me have. I will frame that for the wall. We will do an animal collage. And the project I am most excited about is we are doing a set of 12x12 frames each with one letter to her name decorated. Its going to be so cute. I will post update pictures as I go.

Only after we are done painting and the dresser is set up will I start to hang clothing in the closet. Until then, all the baby stuff is piling up on the side of the guest bedroom.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today's workout

It was so nice out even if it was a little breezy so I decided to go for a walk/run.

I havent done this for awhile so I went easy on myself. I ran 3 miles in 45:05 mins (15min mile pace) and burned 561 calories. I walked most of the time. When I would try to run during the first half I was getting these KILLER cramps on my left side of my baby area. So I walked for awhile and then did slow running and that seemed to go better. I hope to do this again tomorrow (but go for longer) if the weather is nice.

I was excited to play with my new toys! I got some nice running stuff for christmas but havent really gone out running since (its been winter!). I used my hrm watch (thats old stuff) to track my calories/heart rate (keeping it below 180 when out running but above 130). I used my new garmin gps running watch. It kept track of distance, speed and time. I used the camel pack I got for xmas (it felt reassuring to run with my keys not tucked in my shoe and my cell phone in the bag). Plus that meant I could have plenty of water while out running.

Friday, March 18, 2011

24 Week Update!

Due Date: July 8, 2011. 16 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: 9 lbs

Symptoms: I still have some naseau and vomitting but that was just exacerbated by the travel this past weekend. I had my first experience with heartburn this past Wed. It was the most AWFUL feeling ever. I think I prefer to just throw up.

Cravings/Aversions: Food smells still can set me off - no fried chicken, no chicken wings. In terms of cravings, I am still big on pizza/coke and cereal with milk.

Sleep: I am sleeping ok. I have about 3-4 potty breaks every night. I did not sleep well in the hotel bed, so I am glad to be home!

I am loving: Not being glared out for having a second piece of cake at my brother's wedding.

I miss: Fitting into my size 14 pants (without the belly band or kangaroo pouch) and seeing my stomach shrink

I am looking forward to: See I miss question.

I'm spazzing about: Picking crib bedding for the nursery. That will then lead to getting paint for the nursery. That then leads to getting all the furniture together and getting the room completely set up. That leads to clothing arranged (and figuring out if we have enough) and also leads to making sure we have plenty of diapers!

Best moment this week: Technically it was last week, but we were laying on the hotel bed watching tv, and I had Eric put his hand on the baby area again and he got to feel constant movement for about 20mins! That is the second time he has felt her.

Milestones: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 22 cm. Your baby weighs about 600-700 grams. Your baby’s eyes are completely developed now and will open soon. Her skin is red and wrinkled looking. More than half of babies born at this age will survive. She is probably close to 20 ounces now, so

Movement: She is active in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening during my tv time. And she goes nuts anytime I sit at the computer!

It's a...: Still a girl i hope

Exercise: not as much as I should. I have yoga on Sunday and I should try to get a walk or 2 in this weekend.

Diet: Not as healthy as I would like but I am working on it.

Belly Pic:

Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This was not a bad weekend at all.

Fri night = WoW and the nap time (which involes sleeping on the couch from 8pm till about 10:30pm when Eric gets home from work). I try to stay awake a little to hang out with him and I managed to hang out for maybe an hour before falling back asleep on the couch. Poor man left the remote by me and as a result watched infomercials until I got up and went to bed at 3am.

Sat = I got to spend some time with my rugby girls! They had a fitness activity on the national mall and I went to maybe participate a little. The first 3 stations were not safe for me to do with baby on board. But I got to walk around outside for little over an hour. There were two other girls for me to hang out with. So it was a nice day.

Then I had to drop off my sympathy lasagne. It hurts my heart so bad to have to drop that one off. A woman from my DDC lived about 10 mins from me. I was so excited to be planning to meet up with her this spring and was hoping baby Susan would possibly have a play friend. But it was not to be. So I thought the least I could do was drop her off something to eat (since I know when things are bad cooking for yourself is the last thing on your mind).

Sun = I had my prenatal yoga class. I really like the yoga studio I go to. I have attended 3 classes and so far the most students has been 2. This week, it was me and the instructor. Private yoga class for $12! I am down for that. She talks to me about breathing and is really supportive about showing me poses that will help stretch my body out to help with labor. After that it was home to work on my taxes (which is gonna help pay for dr bills!) and laundry.

This week is gonna be crazy busy with work and getting myself/the house ready to go to Dallas.

Friday, March 4, 2011

22 Weeks Today

"Borrowing" this from a friend pregnant momma whose blog I follow.

How far along: 22 weeks today

Pregnancy at week 22: Your baby has started to make antibodies. Antibodies are proteins produced by your baby’s white blood cells that fight infection, disease, or foreign substances. Her lungs are developing and her fingernails are finished!

Size of babies: As of last ultrasound (so 10 days ago) she was 12 oz, so I am guessing she is now at most 1 pound. I dont know length but avg 22 week fetus is 11 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am +4 pounds as of Wed.

Maternity Clothes: I cant fit into any pre-preggo pants without the belly band. The maternity pants are so comfortable. All my jeans are maternity, but work clothes I still wear the normal pants with the belly band. If I am not gonna wear the belly band I have to go up 2 pant sizes to have it fit my waist (but the legs and butt just look giant). I have not needed maternity shirts yet. But I own a lot of 2 sizes to big clothes (from the weight loss). I have gone to wearing XL vs mostly L/XL to be comfortable but its more a length issue (I gotta hide the belly band that is not the same color as my pants).

Gender: Baby Girl!

Movement: After feeling her kick for the first time a week ago Tuesday, she is VERY active. I feel her a lot. She seems to like late morning, early afternoon, and evenings. I am thankful she is not super active at night when I am trying to sleep (or if she is, I am just able to sleep through it). I swear she kicked me the other night at bed as a way to tell me to go to sleep.

Sleep: I get up 2-3 times a night to pee. I had been uncomfortable sleeping on my side but we got a body pillow last week (which has an awesome girafee case on it). That thing is so awesome to sleep with. I am sleeping much better post pillow.

What I miss: Having more energy, and not feel so sick all the time... I miss the sense of normalcy in the way I felt. That I could go for periods of time without being hungry and not feeling sick.

Cravings: Milk (chocolate), Milkshakes (chocolate), cereal!

Symptoms: Nausea and occasional vomitting,

Best Moment this week: She kicked me to tell me ot go to bed. 3 TIMES! I feel like its a special thing right now to feel her from the outside. That was only the second time so far.

Next up: Brother's wedding is in a week. I wont be making a 23 week update but my 24 week one will include pics from the wedding! I bought this beautiful maternity dress to wear and I dont feel so bleh in it!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

So I am having a slightly slow afternoon (there are some pending projects I should be working on but cant due to someone else needing to fix their crap!). So instead of working I am going to do my normal ramble!

First thought of today (and the one that is bugging me the most this week). I gained 2 pounds this week (goes with the 2 pounds from last week). I am offically +4 pounds this pregnancy. I gotta figure out how to mentally cope with gaining weight. I know I am supposed to gain weight. I know its going to happen. Its really hard to cope with after spending so many months focuses and driven to losing weight. I get really frustrated to see the scale move up. But at the same time I also realize there are other forces at work. I see the +2 this week and all I can think, "whats for breakfast? I am so hungry!" UGH I need to figure out how to stop thinking that gaining is bad. Howver if I continue on a trend of 2 pounds a week (with 18 weeks to go or more) that could mean a total gain of 2 * 20 = 40 pounds. YIKES! No way the dr will be happy with that. She has said 20-25 AT MOST. Ugh, I hope it will start to slow down.

On the flip side the baby section of my body has grown a bit over the last 2 weeks. she moved up a little more and I feel her kicking around my navel now. My sister described the kicking as feeling like little flutters. But that doesnt seem to fit what I feel. I think its better described as the feelings I get from roller coasters. I am trying to think of how to describe it better. Its that feeling of going down the hill of the coaster and feeling like my stomach is gonna come out of my body (I guess). Its a weird sensation and I dont think it helps that my body associates that feeling with motion sickness/headaches/nauseau. But I am happy to feel something!

Today I was trying to figure out what to wear to work. I have one pair of maternity work pants, and I have worn them twice this week already. So I found a pair of pants that are 2 sizes too big. They are tight at the waist but I look like I crapped my pants! They are huge in the legs and butt. Well I cant win them all and they are better than wearing sweatpants to work (which I am not ruling out at month 9)!

I had lunch with a friend of my dad's. It was a nice lunch but a bit sad at the end. Its hard to remember that Eric and Baby Susan will never meet my mom or dad. They will only know the things I tell them (or others tell them). I wish my dad and mom could have met Eric. they would love him. I firmly believe he is what they had in mind in terms of a life partner. I found out my dad was worried I would never meet anyone. Eric is only my 3rd serious relationship. My dad was worried I would just continue to date and not settle down. But it just took me time to find the right person. I truely believe I am building a relationship that is gonna last.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr apt Monday

I had a check up on Monday. I saw a different dr in the practice. She was very nice. We got to hear Baby Susan's hb (~153). The dr kept laughing cause she would find it and the baby would move and we would lose the hb. She asked how active the baby was. Well she is a kicker/mover! I have been feling her wiggle around and kick daily since u/s tuesday! (Side note... I hadnt felt her kick from outside since last tuesday, but she kicked my hand 2-3 times last night. I am guessing she was telling me to go to sleep!). Dr told me no pre-dd inductions (which is what I want to hear) unless its medically necessary. She also told me that the lastest they will let Baby Susan stay inside me is 41W 3D. So the latest her bday will be is around July 18th (give or take depending on how long labor takes). She also told me that I am just one of the "lucky" women who may stay sick the whole pregnancy. UGH!

I have had some nice chats with my due date pal via my message board. I have gotten paired with an awesome lady (who has done NCB 3 times). She gave me some good tips, and I think its going to help influence the birthing plan we write.

Last night the NCB books I ordered arrived. So I have been reading "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" which its quite interesting. I will read the book I bought for Eric next. Its a book for birthing partners on how to help in labor. I am also hoping to sign up for the birthing classes next week. We will be taking a birthing class via the lamaze org every Tues night in May. We will have our breastfeeding class through the hospital system one Tuesday night in early June and we will have our newborn care class on Sat morning in June.