Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

This was not a bad weekend at all.

Fri night = WoW and the nap time (which involes sleeping on the couch from 8pm till about 10:30pm when Eric gets home from work). I try to stay awake a little to hang out with him and I managed to hang out for maybe an hour before falling back asleep on the couch. Poor man left the remote by me and as a result watched infomercials until I got up and went to bed at 3am.

Sat = I got to spend some time with my rugby girls! They had a fitness activity on the national mall and I went to maybe participate a little. The first 3 stations were not safe for me to do with baby on board. But I got to walk around outside for little over an hour. There were two other girls for me to hang out with. So it was a nice day.

Then I had to drop off my sympathy lasagne. It hurts my heart so bad to have to drop that one off. A woman from my DDC lived about 10 mins from me. I was so excited to be planning to meet up with her this spring and was hoping baby Susan would possibly have a play friend. But it was not to be. So I thought the least I could do was drop her off something to eat (since I know when things are bad cooking for yourself is the last thing on your mind).

Sun = I had my prenatal yoga class. I really like the yoga studio I go to. I have attended 3 classes and so far the most students has been 2. This week, it was me and the instructor. Private yoga class for $12! I am down for that. She talks to me about breathing and is really supportive about showing me poses that will help stretch my body out to help with labor. After that it was home to work on my taxes (which is gonna help pay for dr bills!) and laundry.

This week is gonna be crazy busy with work and getting myself/the house ready to go to Dallas.

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