Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dr Apt

So I had my regular 4 week check up. I got the nurse to let me pee before I weighed in (which makes a difference for me). I was up 4lbs from last apt. That did not spark any red flags with the Dr and so weight didn't even come up (hooray!). My blood pressure back to the low normal side, which had been normal for me pre-pregnancy. It started getting higher for quite awhile (but that's all relative since it was still in the normal range). I showed the Dr my birth plan. She said it all looked normal/typical. There was nothing deemed unreasonable. The only thing she commented on was I had written down that I wanted to wait a bit for the eye drops and Vit K. I just want to make sure Eric and myself get a little special bonding time before they do anything with her/to her. The Dr said they always just do both immediately following because that's just the way its done. She didn't see any reason why it couldn't wait. This apt was the first time she pulled out the measuring tape. I have no idea what she was measuring for, but she ran it from right under the boobs down to the pooch pouch. She then pulled out the Doppler and I got the hear the wonderful heartbeat. It really is such a joy/blessing to be hear her heartbeat every visit. I think Eric is missing out since he doesn't go to the visits (all the waiting really drives him crazy). Next apt is 3 weeks from today. I have to get my glucose tested (AGAIN!). The first time around it was to see if I was diabetic (which I am not). This time around its to see if I have developed gestational diabetes. I need to research a little more but near as I can tell that just means she could be a bigger baby. After that the apts start coming in 2 week increments! It feels like time is flying and that its going super slow all at the same time!

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