Friday, March 18, 2011

24 Week Update!

Due Date: July 8, 2011. 16 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: 9 lbs

Symptoms: I still have some naseau and vomitting but that was just exacerbated by the travel this past weekend. I had my first experience with heartburn this past Wed. It was the most AWFUL feeling ever. I think I prefer to just throw up.

Cravings/Aversions: Food smells still can set me off - no fried chicken, no chicken wings. In terms of cravings, I am still big on pizza/coke and cereal with milk.

Sleep: I am sleeping ok. I have about 3-4 potty breaks every night. I did not sleep well in the hotel bed, so I am glad to be home!

I am loving: Not being glared out for having a second piece of cake at my brother's wedding.

I miss: Fitting into my size 14 pants (without the belly band or kangaroo pouch) and seeing my stomach shrink

I am looking forward to: See I miss question.

I'm spazzing about: Picking crib bedding for the nursery. That will then lead to getting paint for the nursery. That then leads to getting all the furniture together and getting the room completely set up. That leads to clothing arranged (and figuring out if we have enough) and also leads to making sure we have plenty of diapers!

Best moment this week: Technically it was last week, but we were laying on the hotel bed watching tv, and I had Eric put his hand on the baby area again and he got to feel constant movement for about 20mins! That is the second time he has felt her.

Milestones: Baby’s crown to rump length is around 22 cm. Your baby weighs about 600-700 grams. Your baby’s eyes are completely developed now and will open soon. Her skin is red and wrinkled looking. More than half of babies born at this age will survive. She is probably close to 20 ounces now, so

Movement: She is active in the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon after lunch, in the evening during my tv time. And she goes nuts anytime I sit at the computer!

It's a...: Still a girl i hope

Exercise: not as much as I should. I have yoga on Sunday and I should try to get a walk or 2 in this weekend.

Diet: Not as healthy as I would like but I am working on it.

Belly Pic:

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  1. I adore this picture. You look beautiful and happy. You should frame it