Friday, March 4, 2011

22 Weeks Today

"Borrowing" this from a friend pregnant momma whose blog I follow.

How far along: 22 weeks today

Pregnancy at week 22: Your baby has started to make antibodies. Antibodies are proteins produced by your baby’s white blood cells that fight infection, disease, or foreign substances. Her lungs are developing and her fingernails are finished!

Size of babies: As of last ultrasound (so 10 days ago) she was 12 oz, so I am guessing she is now at most 1 pound. I dont know length but avg 22 week fetus is 11 inches long.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am +4 pounds as of Wed.

Maternity Clothes: I cant fit into any pre-preggo pants without the belly band. The maternity pants are so comfortable. All my jeans are maternity, but work clothes I still wear the normal pants with the belly band. If I am not gonna wear the belly band I have to go up 2 pant sizes to have it fit my waist (but the legs and butt just look giant). I have not needed maternity shirts yet. But I own a lot of 2 sizes to big clothes (from the weight loss). I have gone to wearing XL vs mostly L/XL to be comfortable but its more a length issue (I gotta hide the belly band that is not the same color as my pants).

Gender: Baby Girl!

Movement: After feeling her kick for the first time a week ago Tuesday, she is VERY active. I feel her a lot. She seems to like late morning, early afternoon, and evenings. I am thankful she is not super active at night when I am trying to sleep (or if she is, I am just able to sleep through it). I swear she kicked me the other night at bed as a way to tell me to go to sleep.

Sleep: I get up 2-3 times a night to pee. I had been uncomfortable sleeping on my side but we got a body pillow last week (which has an awesome girafee case on it). That thing is so awesome to sleep with. I am sleeping much better post pillow.

What I miss: Having more energy, and not feel so sick all the time... I miss the sense of normalcy in the way I felt. That I could go for periods of time without being hungry and not feeling sick.

Cravings: Milk (chocolate), Milkshakes (chocolate), cereal!

Symptoms: Nausea and occasional vomitting,

Best Moment this week: She kicked me to tell me ot go to bed. 3 TIMES! I feel like its a special thing right now to feel her from the outside. That was only the second time so far.

Next up: Brother's wedding is in a week. I wont be making a 23 week update but my 24 week one will include pics from the wedding! I bought this beautiful maternity dress to wear and I dont feel so bleh in it!


  1. Sorry you are still sick!! But yay for feeling the movement! That is one of the best parts of being prego!! Have fun at your brother's wedding!

  2. Amazing that you are at -4 pounds. You will be stunning at the wedding. Nice that she is concerned about you getting enough sleep. Nice to have a considerate child. I keep thinking what a wonderful mother you will be. I picture Eric as a Dad who will like to play and frolic with her. Sweet!