Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today's workout

It was so nice out even if it was a little breezy so I decided to go for a walk/run.

I havent done this for awhile so I went easy on myself. I ran 3 miles in 45:05 mins (15min mile pace) and burned 561 calories. I walked most of the time. When I would try to run during the first half I was getting these KILLER cramps on my left side of my baby area. So I walked for awhile and then did slow running and that seemed to go better. I hope to do this again tomorrow (but go for longer) if the weather is nice.

I was excited to play with my new toys! I got some nice running stuff for christmas but havent really gone out running since (its been winter!). I used my hrm watch (thats old stuff) to track my calories/heart rate (keeping it below 180 when out running but above 130). I used my new garmin gps running watch. It kept track of distance, speed and time. I used the camel pack I got for xmas (it felt reassuring to run with my keys not tucked in my shoe and my cell phone in the bag). Plus that meant I could have plenty of water while out running.

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