Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baby Room bedding!

So I finalyl got hte baby room bedding ordered! It took us a month from finding out baby is a Susan, to finding a crib set we both liked. Eric wanted purple and I wanted animals and finding both in a set was hard to do. I couldnt find one I liked on amazon or babys-r-us. I found the set at But it was $115 (not inculding whatever their shipping prices are) and that was for a 13 piece set. That includes: sheet, blanket, crib bumper, 2 pillows,1 crib skirt, 2 short curtains (I dont know what they are really called), 3 pieces of wall art, 1 toy bag and 1 diaper hanger. I found the set new on ebay for $70 including s&h. It took 2 auctions but I wont the set.

Once the set arrives I am going to go buy some matching or complimenting paint (prolly in a light purple color) and Eric will be tasked with painting the room. I have had a few other friends/family volunteer to help. I will be in the kitchen making treats for all the helpers. Then we will just need the delivery of the crib (we are getting from a friend) and I can set up the dresser and bookcases.

We will start hanging the wall art. Sarah has this wonderful giraffe picture she is going to let me have. I will frame that for the wall. We will do an animal collage. And the project I am most excited about is we are doing a set of 12x12 frames each with one letter to her name decorated. Its going to be so cute. I will post update pictures as I go.

Only after we are done painting and the dresser is set up will I start to hang clothing in the closet. Until then, all the baby stuff is piling up on the side of the guest bedroom.

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