Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So yesterday we made our first family trip to the zoo! It was a great idea. Eric just decided at like 10am, that we should go. Well that meant we got out the door at 11:45 (after feeding Susie and packing her bag). She was sleeping by the time we hit the parking garage. She slept all the way to the metro. She slept in her stroller/car seat on the metro. She slept all the way to the zoo!

Once we got in the zoo, she... continued sleeping! (Let me be clear right now, I am not complaining!!!!!!) We saw a very ugly, hairy bear. Eric saw pandas for the first time. We went by every outdoor cage we could. But we didn't go into any exhibits (besides the pandas). You have to leave your stroller outside if you go into the buildings. My momma didn't raise no fool. I wouldn't get her out of her car seat while sleep! So we just kept walking. We got to the end of the zoo, and I decided we should wake her up. We sat on a bench and gently woke her. She sat for awhile looking around, and then got fussy/hungry. So I changed her, and we fed her.

After that it was time to walk back. If you have never been to the National Zoo, its great but its all downhill. So heading home meant... UPHILL. I put Susie in our snugli carrier and off we went. She fell right asleep again (she LOVES the carrier). So we walked back. Sadly we got to the metro during the peak of peak. We were therefor, THAT person. The one who has the stroller (and baby) on the packed metro car during rush hour. But a nice man offered me/Susie his seat. We got home in 1 piece thankfully without any meltdowns.

But Eric and I were exhausted when we got home (Susie was wide awake and ready to be fussy).

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life is so different now

Everything has changed in my life since Susie was born. I cant believe we have survived 6 weeks with her. She is so sweet... when she is sleeping. I love her dearly but she cant be challenging at times.

I had a friend ask what people were doing with their weekend. Something occurred to me at that point. I don't have weekends right now. Everyday is the same. Everyday blends into the next. I get up early (after going to bed late and getting up with her at least once in the night to feed her). I feed her, we nap. We get up, she eats (maybe I get to eat). I spend the next 60-90 mins trying to calm her down. Maybe we get some tummy time in. After that she cat naps for an hour (maybe I can put her in her bed, but usually I have to hold her). And things are just rinse and repeat. At about 8 or 9 pm, I try to give her a bath and a massage. Then she eats and falls asleep until between 1 and 3 am. And my day just repeats. If I am lucky, someone invites us to lunch. Sometimes we go run errands (usually to try to get her to stop screaming and get a little sleep). This is going to continue to be my life until I go back to work in October.

But I wouldnt change my life right now... I wouldnt give up my colic baby for ANYTHING in this world!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

BF surprised me

So last night, we finally got Susie to sleep (which bf was wonderfully helpful with her last night). We were laying in bed and I pointed out that he could turn the lights out. He just laughed and when I rolled over, there was a little box sitting on his chest. He had these lovely ruby earrings for me. They are so perfect. They are simple and match my baby necklace perfectly. I love them (and I am wearing them today - which is a shock cause I never wear earrings). They are going to make a perfect gift for Susie in like 14-16 years. I got the baby necklace for my birthday last year. I told him that I would love some earrings but my plan all along as been that they would be a birthday gift for Susie when she gets old enough to appreciate them.

Today Eric has been wonderfully helpful with her. He has the day off and been helping me. If she is fussy (and that's not really if, but more of when), we are tag teaming the situation. One person comforts her for 20 mins and then we switch. It is really keeping us both sane. She seems pretty fussy when awake. I talked to the ped office today. they said smaller meals and make sure she sits up right for 30 mins post eating. So we are gonna shoot for feeding every 2-3 hours and keep it to 3oz or less.

this weekend I am going to my sister's house with the baby, Eric is staying home because he has to work on Saturday. I hope she will behave in the car. I might try to drive straight there and not stop for food/gas. It will be nice to have some other mommies to kinda see how she acts and help me figure out if we need to see the Dr next week or not.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First day of just me and baby

So today was my first day home ALONE with the baby. I let Eric sleep as long as he needed since he had to go to work.

4:45 am: baby wants to be fed! So we got up, Grammy Pammy said good-bye. I fed Susie and we cuddled up on the couch for a nice nap.

8:15 am: Susie wakes up for more food. After eating she wanted to be awake for awhile. So I let her try out her swing. She is not a big fan (but she did poop). After changing her, she sat in my lap while I did more internet things. She finally fell asleep for a small nap.

11:30 am: Susie woke up for another feeding. So I fed her, let her try her swing again (we got another poop as a result). She stayed awake at this point. Eric came down and rocked her for awhile. I rocked her some too.

2 pm: Susie was ready to nap. She slept until the UPS guy rang the bell around 6pm. That set Jack off on his barking spree, so Susie woke up. She wanted more food.

6:40 pm: Susie decided to just stay awake very unhappy for awhile. I rocked her awhile. After an hour or so, I swaddled her up and just rocked her in the dark. She just lay there watching me. finally she fell asleep a little after 8pm. I put her in her crib and have been up and about.

Eric will be home in like a little over an hour and he will take over some of the baby duties! I will get a break. I think tomorrow I might take her out to run errands (including going for a walk around a mall for exercise).