Wednesday, August 3, 2011

First day of just me and baby

So today was my first day home ALONE with the baby. I let Eric sleep as long as he needed since he had to go to work.

4:45 am: baby wants to be fed! So we got up, Grammy Pammy said good-bye. I fed Susie and we cuddled up on the couch for a nice nap.

8:15 am: Susie wakes up for more food. After eating she wanted to be awake for awhile. So I let her try out her swing. She is not a big fan (but she did poop). After changing her, she sat in my lap while I did more internet things. She finally fell asleep for a small nap.

11:30 am: Susie woke up for another feeding. So I fed her, let her try her swing again (we got another poop as a result). She stayed awake at this point. Eric came down and rocked her for awhile. I rocked her some too.

2 pm: Susie was ready to nap. She slept until the UPS guy rang the bell around 6pm. That set Jack off on his barking spree, so Susie woke up. She wanted more food.

6:40 pm: Susie decided to just stay awake very unhappy for awhile. I rocked her awhile. After an hour or so, I swaddled her up and just rocked her in the dark. She just lay there watching me. finally she fell asleep a little after 8pm. I put her in her crib and have been up and about.

Eric will be home in like a little over an hour and he will take over some of the baby duties! I will get a break. I think tomorrow I might take her out to run errands (including going for a walk around a mall for exercise).

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