Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life is so different now

Everything has changed in my life since Susie was born. I cant believe we have survived 6 weeks with her. She is so sweet... when she is sleeping. I love her dearly but she cant be challenging at times.

I had a friend ask what people were doing with their weekend. Something occurred to me at that point. I don't have weekends right now. Everyday is the same. Everyday blends into the next. I get up early (after going to bed late and getting up with her at least once in the night to feed her). I feed her, we nap. We get up, she eats (maybe I get to eat). I spend the next 60-90 mins trying to calm her down. Maybe we get some tummy time in. After that she cat naps for an hour (maybe I can put her in her bed, but usually I have to hold her). And things are just rinse and repeat. At about 8 or 9 pm, I try to give her a bath and a massage. Then she eats and falls asleep until between 1 and 3 am. And my day just repeats. If I am lucky, someone invites us to lunch. Sometimes we go run errands (usually to try to get her to stop screaming and get a little sleep). This is going to continue to be my life until I go back to work in October.

But I wouldnt change my life right now... I wouldnt give up my colic baby for ANYTHING in this world!

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