Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Giant Trips

So Giant (a grocery store) is offering buy $50 worth of giftcards and get a coupon for $10 on your next order. Here is my spending/savings (I started with a $50 visa prepaid I got awhile ago): 2 Canisters of formula 4 packs of pampers wipes 2 kiwi 12 yogurts 1 ice tea 2 bottle of tabasco sauce 4.8lbs of bananas 2.62lbs of peaches .38lbs of red peppers 2 boxes magnum mini bars 1 Sunday paper 1 bottle of generic Worchester Sauce 1 bunch of parsley 4.4lbs of dog food 8 cans of tomatos (stewed, diced, pureed, sauce) 1 bottle of gatoraide 2 8oz packets of imitation crab meat Spent: $18.19 Saved: $79.29 81% savings! I have a $10 OYNO coupon for next week and I got 200 gas points. That means I will save $0.20 per gallon on my next fill up.