Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So yesterday we made our first family trip to the zoo! It was a great idea. Eric just decided at like 10am, that we should go. Well that meant we got out the door at 11:45 (after feeding Susie and packing her bag). She was sleeping by the time we hit the parking garage. She slept all the way to the metro. She slept in her stroller/car seat on the metro. She slept all the way to the zoo!

Once we got in the zoo, she... continued sleeping! (Let me be clear right now, I am not complaining!!!!!!) We saw a very ugly, hairy bear. Eric saw pandas for the first time. We went by every outdoor cage we could. But we didn't go into any exhibits (besides the pandas). You have to leave your stroller outside if you go into the buildings. My momma didn't raise no fool. I wouldn't get her out of her car seat while sleep! So we just kept walking. We got to the end of the zoo, and I decided we should wake her up. We sat on a bench and gently woke her. She sat for awhile looking around, and then got fussy/hungry. So I changed her, and we fed her.

After that it was time to walk back. If you have never been to the National Zoo, its great but its all downhill. So heading home meant... UPHILL. I put Susie in our snugli carrier and off we went. She fell right asleep again (she LOVES the carrier). So we walked back. Sadly we got to the metro during the peak of peak. We were therefor, THAT person. The one who has the stroller (and baby) on the packed metro car during rush hour. But a nice man offered me/Susie his seat. We got home in 1 piece thankfully without any meltdowns.

But Eric and I were exhausted when we got home (Susie was wide awake and ready to be fussy).

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