Saturday, July 30, 2011

2 week update for me and baby

So Susan is 2 weeks old today. It seems like its been years and also seconds since she was born. We are coping.

Grammy Pammy is here this week. She is cleaning like crazy and doting on the baby. She is constantly on the move and I just feel like laying down with the baby.

We have had a few visitors. 2 coworkers came over to see the baby and bring us dinner (both meals were greatly appreciated). One good friend came for lunch. Next Wed Eric goes back to work, and Grammy Pammy leaves. It will be me home with the baby all day by myself. We will have to see how that goes. I am a little nervous.

I had my two week check up. The Dr looked at my scar. She said it looks good, I just have to work on keeping it dry. Its healing nicely. I can now drive and start carrying the car seat and baby. That means I can go out now. I am not homeward bound. The midwife gave me an apt for next Friday just in case I am still a mess. I am gonna see how this weekend goes before I determine if I need help.

This just didn't go the way we were hoping for. In a day or two I will post about how breastfeeding didn't work. Susan is all formula now. I am still upset about this. But that is for later.

She had her two week checkup on Friday. She is 7lbs 11oz (almost her birth weight). The Dr was VERY happy. She is completely healthy. I am lucky. She is an absolutely wonderful baby!

Tomorrow we head to the beach. We will be at Sam/Sarah's house. Sarah is going to do our newborn photos. I am excited to see what she does.

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