Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dr apt Monday

I had a check up on Monday. I saw a different dr in the practice. She was very nice. We got to hear Baby Susan's hb (~153). The dr kept laughing cause she would find it and the baby would move and we would lose the hb. She asked how active the baby was. Well she is a kicker/mover! I have been feling her wiggle around and kick daily since u/s tuesday! (Side note... I hadnt felt her kick from outside since last tuesday, but she kicked my hand 2-3 times last night. I am guessing she was telling me to go to sleep!). Dr told me no pre-dd inductions (which is what I want to hear) unless its medically necessary. She also told me that the lastest they will let Baby Susan stay inside me is 41W 3D. So the latest her bday will be is around July 18th (give or take depending on how long labor takes). She also told me that I am just one of the "lucky" women who may stay sick the whole pregnancy. UGH!

I have had some nice chats with my due date pal via my message board. I have gotten paired with an awesome lady (who has done NCB 3 times). She gave me some good tips, and I think its going to help influence the birthing plan we write.

Last night the NCB books I ordered arrived. So I have been reading "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" which its quite interesting. I will read the book I bought for Eric next. Its a book for birthing partners on how to help in labor. I am also hoping to sign up for the birthing classes next week. We will be taking a birthing class via the lamaze org every Tues night in May. We will have our breastfeeding class through the hospital system one Tuesday night in early June and we will have our newborn care class on Sat morning in June.

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