Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A day filled with AWESOMENESS!

So yesterday was the best day I have had in a long time, but it didnt start out that way. I got in very late from spending the weekend with my best friend (will post about the weekend later). Apparently myself + being pregnant + travel = BAD NEWS! I felt so awful when I got home. I got home around 1:30 am, tried to go to bed around 2 am (after calling in sick to work for Tues), was up at 5:30 am and went to lay on the couch. My throat was super swollen, I could barely swallow, and hence couldnt sleep (not that I really sleep much as it is). A bowl of ice cream, a hot cup of tea , and 2 hours made all the difference. I called the ultrasound place and got my apt moved up from 4pm to 1pm (since I didnt have to worry about work).

The apt went AWESOME! I was so happy. They showed us everything! AND I MEAN EVERYTHING! We saw the heart (both ventricals moving), heard the hb (154ish), saw the stomach, saw the cord, saw the baby drinking fluid, apparently saw that was peeing like it should, saw the legs (tucked up under her at first but they stretched out later), leg bones, ankles, feet, arm bones, hands (curled up by her mouth the whole time), the brain, the facial features, the little mouth (hanging open), abdomin, and all the way down her spine. And yes... we found out its a SHE! I was so nervous. I told the tech we wanted to know the sex, and so during the first rounds (while she was pushing on my very full bladder) the tech told us she thought it looked like a girl. NOT very reassuring. But during the second round, she was more certain. I never saw the frank and beans, just the little lines. So we are both happy. Eric said from day 1 (well day 1 meaning day I said "hon I think I am pregnant") that he was hoping for and he felt it would be a girl. I am most thankful that everything looked ok.

I went to bed after a crappy night (I am really feeling the morning sickness the last few days!) While I laid there with my awesome new body pillow, I settled in and just rested my hands on my baby. All of the sudden I feel this little like muscle spasm type thing. It was pretty lite and very unexpected. I was shocked. I wasnt sure I had felt it. But then a second later I felt it at my other hand. Well... That made me all kinds of giddy! I jumped up and ran downstairs to tell Eric. He kinda humored me, but I do think he believed me. He came upstairs about 20 mins later, after walking the dogs. He laid down with me, and rested his hand on my stomach. I told him I had poked and proded enough, she prolly wouldnt do anything (plus it felt like she had moved away from the front). But after a little while, I felt her kicking again (from the inside). I wanted him to feel it, so I put his hand on my stomach.
"She is kicking but you might not feel it. But its right here."
(About 2-3 seconds later I felt one,) "Did you feel that?" I asked.
"Kinda" but it was said as though he didnt, and more that he was humoring me
A few seconds later she kicked again, this time a little harder I guess, cause Erics hand went flying off my stomach. It was like he had just touched a hot iron. He was shocked by it. He said it felt weird. I wonder what he will think when he can see feet/hands moving across my stomach or a little butt sticking out!

so it was a GREAT day yesterday!

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