Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy birthday to my furture baby daddy!

I get a kick out of being able to call him that for hte time being. Until we get married, he is my baby's daddy! ROFL Its funny to me! Anyways he turns 32. so for his bday I got him the computer (which he opened last Saturday). He loved it so much and I spent a lot of time convincing him he was worth it. He does so much for me and has been helping (to the best of his abilities) with picking up the slack of me feeling sick all the time. He is such a wonderful guy, we needed the computer badly. I was more than happy to get it for him and be able to make him that happy! Then Tuesday night we went out to the steakhouse. It was a nice dinner. We had lobster biquse (which I ordered but felt it smelled awful and I dont actually really like lobster) which he ate most of. Then for dinner I ate his house salad and he had a steak. Then when we got home we ate birthday cake!

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