Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend in Review

So this weekend went much better than the week had but it didnt start out that way. Friday I was miserable. I had to lay on the couch with my legs inclined the whole night (and I was pretty sure we were headed for the ER at one point). I just felt like there was an excess amount of gas/air in my stomach and if only I could stick a needle in I would be able to releave the pressure. But I survived.

Saturday (Feb 5th) was lazy Saturday. It was rainy outside and so I did a whole lot of nothing! Eric opened his birthday gift (cause he just couldnt it staring at him from the hallway). I was going to take it upstairs and hide it till his actual birthday but its a 35 lb box, I am not lugging that anywhere! He was so excited and a bit overwhelmed. He said it was the most expensive thing he has ever gotten as a bday gift. (I got him a new computer because my older desktop is just not cutting it anymore). So it was a good day and I did a whole lot of nothing. I watched movies.

Sunday (Feb 6th) was busy. When I got up in the morning all I could think about was Chinese food. When Eric woke up (around noon) I mentioned Chinese food and the look on his face as pure joy! He told me he had been waiting for months for me to say I was craving Chinese food. So we found a cheap little joint by the house, and the food was so YUM! It really hit the spot. After that it was time for prenatal yoga. The teacher was really nice and this week it was a class of 1 (just me). It was more like a private session than a class. I had a great time. It was all about stretching. I felt so good but so tired when the class was done. Then it was off to the grocery store. NEVER AGAIN will I go the afternoon before the superbowl. I also plan to avoid Sunday afternoons in general after this week. It was packed, and people are just plain rude. They stop in the middle of the aisle and stare. Then when you wanna get by them, they just glare at you like you are the problem. Ummm... it just was crappy. And giant is so expensive. The meat was way too much for 1 pound and half the stuff wasnt even marked. I left super angry (and I didnt buy any meat). I watched the superbowl alone and just relaxed on the couch (didnt really care who won).

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