Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight gain and my issues (updated)

So this morning is my normal weigh in. I have been pretty good about not realyl gaining much weight since becoming pregnant. I lost a lot of weight last year and I would say I border on being obssesed with my weight. I know I am pregnant and I know that means I will gain weight but UGH I dont want to or like to. I have been watching the recommended gaining charts and since I am already obese they dont recommend gaining much weight at all.

So at what they chart as week 1: 201
Last week: 200.8
This week: 205? NO WAY! I am gonna re-check tomorrow. That doesnt seem right. I can understand gaining 1-2 pounds since I have been eating poorly and not getting my exercise in but no way it was really 4 pounds.

Well the scale reading has motivated me to start cleaning my diet back up. Being pregnant is not an excuse to eat EVERYTHING I see (which means cookies/candy). I am going to try really hard for the next week to be back on track and see what happens.

Today I am even going to the gym. I am supposed to be training for a 1/2 marathon (a great idea when I didnt know I was pregnant!). But I am about 5 weeks behind. So today I am gonna do week 1 plan. I am gonna walk/run for 45 mins and do a min distance of 2.6 miles. That is easily doable for me! I plan to possibly try the second workout tomorrow which is 68 mins and a min distance of 3.9 miles. I am not walking fast and I do throw in a few mins of running.

**UPDATE** So I did run/walk yesterday! I did my 45mins and I did 3.1 miles in that time. I am proud of myself and hoping I feel well enough to do the same thing today! I forgot how good the runner's high is.

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