Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jan in review

I had my second offical pregnancy check up on the 3rd (13 weeks). It was very cool to hear the heartbeat and the dr found it so easy. This midwife was hilarious. She got on my case about Eric not being at the apt but I juts found her personality to be awesome. I hope she is one of the midwives I get at the hospital!

I had my first (and hopefully only) pregnancy dental check up. It was a lot more of the same old crap. I am not flossing enough (which is flossing at all). I hate flossing and have never been big on it. I try (I floss very sporraticly). but oh well. It was the quickest checkup EVER. 20 mins in and out, no flouride (so no additional cost), no xrays. No need for followup apts (and hopefully my teeth will stay solid). I go back in Aug (after I will for sure have had the baby!).

We did a hospital tour on the 22nd. It was so nice. I really like the hospital. The maternity ward is locked spaces, so people have to get permission to come in and out/check in. They have a little emergency room for pregnant women (20+ weeks). They give the mommies to be private rooms for delivery. Once I am in active labor, I can go for walks/take showers/relax/do whatever I wish but they will continually come check on me. They have the beds in such a way that I can pick the labor position thats best for me. I can squat or kneel if I wish, I can lay on my back. Its about whats comfortable to me. Then about an hour after delivery they move myself and the baby up to the 3rd floor (which is also a locked space). Myself, Eric and the baby will all get matching wristbands and as such, the only people who can request the baby from the nursery (a locked space inside a locked space) and people with matching wrist bands. They promote rooming in, but give me the flexability to put the baby in the nursery if I need some time to myself (like to shower). Plus there is a chair bed for Eric so he can stay in the hospital with me the whole time! He was very happy with the hospital too. It made him feel very reassured. So we are both happy with the decision to use the hospital. We did also make some decisions about what we want in terms of the hospital. I have decided we are not going to tell people to come see us there. I will need rest and want to get in some bonding time with the baby (plus I will need help with learning to breastfeed). So we will probably be extending the visitation invites for people for the week we get home from the hospital.

Spent the 28th - 30th in Suffolk seeing the family. My nephews are a riot. I saw Sean play in a basketball game. The game ended with a score of 2-0. Sean's team lost but I was surprised to see how good he was at stealing the ball from the other team. His team got possession so many times cause he was good at that. And I spent a good part of the weekend sifting through legos to put together General Greevis's ship for Seth. At one point he told me, "Uncle Chase is much better at putting together legos." "Oh really? Then I guess I can stop what I am doing right now!" "Oh well I meant you are better at putting them together, Uncle Chase is so slow" "Good answer little boy, remember who comes down to visit more, and hence will continue to rebuild the lego sets you destroy." They are cute kids. I left them VDay gifts (even though I despise the holiday).

Lastly we had the third pregnancy check up (17 weeks) on the 31st. Eric actually came with. Dr easily found the heartbeat again. It was measuring between 145-152 bpm. Its amazing how we could have been fighting about things and then hearing the heartbeat kinds puts me back in perspective about whats really important. I really love hearing the heartbeat. Its so comforting to know that there is solid proof I am growing a second life form. I also had my 1 hr glucose test (to determine if I am diabetic). I am praying for good news with that but I wont know until probably Friday. If they dont call me, I plan on calling in on Monday just to verify. She also said that in 11 weeks I have to be tested again just to see if I have developed gestaintional diabetes. I am praying I am healthy this whole pregnancy (specially since being pregnant isnt being to kind on my body).

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