Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Review

So here is my review of Christmas.

First Christmas was spent at Sarah's the weekend before Christmas. I gave the boys and everyone their gifts and I got mine from them. The boys loved their lego set (I hope they had a good time playing with it put together).

Eric was a wonderful Santa. He got me way more than he should but every gift was wonderful. He got my a really nice birthday gift in Nov so I really wasn't expecting much for Christmas. I gave him a list of 2 small things and was going to be quite happy to just get one. He got both and more. He got me a camel pack for running! He got me an aerobic step (so I can step and watch tv). He got me a LOVELY necklace. Its a small ruby in the shape of a heart. Ruby represents both Christmas (due to it being red) but it is also *hopefully* going to be the baby's birthstone. I was touched he put wonderful thought into the gift for me. Made me feel almost kinda bleh. I didn't put nearly as much thought into his gifts. I got him a bunch of small stuff (new underwear, a fleece, some cashews) and I gave him some money to save towards a computer (or fixing his car). I have some tricks up my sleeve for his birthday coming up in Feb. Hopefully he wont do something stupid and spoil it!

We went to KS to spend Christmas with his family. We told his whole family and everyone is so supportive. His mom was wonderful. It was so nice to have someone who was completely understanding of my current physical state (aka morning sickness, nausea, food aversions). It was nice and Santa gave me 2 days free of vomit!

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