Thursday, December 30, 2010

From 12-6-2010

Time for an update on all the goings on as of week 9 day 3. My 30th Bdy has come and gone and who would have guessed I would have been pregnant? I think this was always a future plan never an in the now plan. Well... there is no pushing it off, it truely is here!

I have a bold statements about this whole pregnancy thing (and I am hoping I will retract it in a few weeks).

I dont enjoy being pregnant! NOT AT ALL... I am just miserable. I have had bronchitis and with that came coughing so hard I am now vomitting. I am on an antibiotic for the bronchitis, but I was also given a cough/naseau medicine to use sparingly. Well, in using it sparingly I am still throwing up (doesnt take much coughing anymore to induce). In the last 10 days I have thrown up at least 12 times (hard to remember days with multiple incidents). On top of that I have felt just miserable since about week 5. I dont enjoy these feelings. I dont like being bloated all night. I just spent 7 months changing my life style so I would feel good, and now I have reveresed it (at least temporarily). UGH! The next few weeks cant fly by fast enough!

And to top it off, my wonderfully supportive bf has made at least 2 stupid insensative comments to me. First one was that I could control my morning sickness and that I am not. REALLY? I can control this? I can magicly make myself not feel like I am going to throw up all the time? I know how to make that happen but that means no baby! I dont get it. Does he think I enjoy feeling awful? Does he think I am doing this just to make him feel bad? DUMB DA DUMB DUMB! Comment number 2 was Sat night, after I got done throwing up. So I just didnt have a lot of energy that night, and really dont like sitting in front of hte toilet to throw up, so I brought the trash can out to the couch. I just leaned over and started throwing up. That got him really upset. And I will comment it was the worst throwing up I have done yet. It hurt my throat really bad and was just awful tastes (not like throwing up ice cream!). So afterwards he asked what I ate that made me throw up. I told him I hadnt eaten since dinner and he saw what I had for dinner. He told me I needed to stop eating things that were gonna make me throw up. I dont think he realizes that something can be so tastey going down and can be exactly what I want to eat, but still make me throw up! I cant really control it and it changes just about every hour! I know he is saying this cause he is concerned and its hard for him to watch me be so sick, but he needs to think before he speaks. I love him dearly even though he says stupid stuff. I am lucky he is concerned about me and my health.

My eating habits are so awful right now! I cant stand the thought of veggies. I dont want salads, I just want bad stuff. I eat pizza, and I have to drink cokes all the time. I cant drink water. GRRR! I am lucky I just in general cant eat much and that I am throwing up all the time. Otherwise I am going to just start ballooning soon! I have gone from 201 (right about the time I got preggers) down to 191 (about a week or two ago) back up to 194 (hanging out there now). I was a runner pre-baby. I have plans to run a 1/2 marathon at 6 mos pregnant (if I can - prolly will walk most of it - and I am still researching if its a good idea or not). I havent worked out in almost 2 weeks. That is so awful for me. I am going to do my first run tomorrow (first run in 2 weeks). I am looking forward to it! My friend is going to go workout with me right after work.

And last note... tonight is our 2 yr anniversary! We are going to the melting pot for dinner. I think dinner will consist of the cheese course and the dessert course (unless my body says otherwise!). I am soooo excited about it. I cant beleive we have only been together for 2 years. I feel like we have known each other forever. I love that I still get as excited about dates now as I did when we first started dating. I love that he is still as attractive (actually more attractive) that when I met him.

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