Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb is not starting out well

So I have a wonderful stomach flu (which is hard to distinguish when you still have lovely morning sickness).

So I went to work Tuesday feeling very tired (not abnormal) and just not feeling great but I chalked it up to morning sickness. I had a bowl of cereal before work. I had my hot cocoa first thing at work and thats when the nausea kicked in. Run #1 to the bathroom followed. My friend told me to try and eat something healthy so I fixed some AWESOME oatmeal with apples and rasins in it. About 1 hour later, Run #2 (and when I say run... i am sprinting to make it)... about an hour later run #3. I made it through an hour meeting and right after was run #4. So now all the oatmeal is in the toilet and I am only feeling worse! So I head home early. On the way home is when I figure out this is NOT morning sickness. I am aching EVERYWHERE. I get home, put on pjs. And have a violent vomit session of stomach acid (OMG that hurts). I drink some water, 20 mins later violent throw up of water and stomach acid. I drink some coke to try and settle my stomach down. About an hour later I violently threw that up (and when I was running to the bathroom I knocked the bottle over spilling it all over the floor). My bf is a saint to clean it all up for me (but I feel so bad for him). He went and got me some gateraide. It tastes awesome but 20 mins after consuming some I have violent throw up again. I start taking smaller sips (just a little at a time) and fall asleep. I go to bed with some dry fruit loops and the gateraide and make it through the night! Sick day Wednesday!

I felt much better Wednesday. I didnt have any stomach aches and I no longer had chills or aches. So I just took it easy. The thought of eating wasnt appealing to me, but I drank poweraide and relaxed/slept all day! Back at work on Thursday. .. bleh... stomach still not feeling good and no apetite (for anything other than fruit loops).

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