Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birthing Plan

I am trying to get on a roll and be prepared for things to come. Yesterday I wrote out the first draft of my birthing plan. I think I have some things figured out but I plan to take it to the dr apt on Monday to get his feedback and maybe get some information on things I havent considered. I was happy with my first draft plan. There is only one issue that I need to get my bf on board with. I asked him if he wants to cut the cord and he keeps saying no. He doesnt think he can handle all the blood and stuff. I think he is gonna regret it later if he doesnt. So I have it written in the plan that he needs to be offered the option first. If he still says no, I asked Sarah if she wanted to. She seemed to like that idea. So she will cut the cord in that case. But I told him he really needs to think about it, so that he doesnt regret things later.

Today I tried to get things lined up for my maternity leave. My company says you need to contact the insurance company as soon as you can, and they said no more than 30 days before my due date. So I printed out all my paperwork and just set them aside. I have at least looked into it now!

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