Thursday, September 29, 2011

Oct body changes

So I am going to be brave. I am posting my weight as of Friday the 29th and I am going to take my measurements. Then in 4 weeks (end of Oct) I am going to take them all again to see what changes my body has made. I have started running again and want to know that I am changing my body. Pound wise my goal is to lose 4lbs in Oct. I keep my goal reasonable at 1 pound a week.

Weight: 201.9
neck: 14"
Left arm: 13.5"
Right arm: 13.5"
boobs: 41"
under chest: 37"
belly (at largest part): 46"
waistline: 42"
hips: 46"
left thigh: 25"
right thigh: 25"

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