Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby's first cold

Susie is in the middle of her first cold! I started to notice that her nose was a little stopped up last Sunday. I took the bulb to her nose (which she hates). Then on Monday I picked her big ass boogers (my privaledge as her mom?). She was still having to breathe out of her mouth more than normal. Her breath was sounding a little raspy. She only had a small cough. That cough has slowly gotten worse as the week has gone on. Thursday, I called the ped. Her cough was more frequent. Eric took her to be checked out.

Diagnosis: Cold with the start of an ear infection. The dr was happy they caught it early. They prescribed an antibiotic for her ear infection. There is not much they can do about the coughing. They dont like giving babies cold medicines. They recommended saline spray for her nose.

I feel so bad for her. Last night she was so cuddly and slept a lot. I can tell she doesnt feel very good.

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