Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Family time

Even with us being sick, the last two nights we did get in some family time. We put Susie in her bouncy seat. I would sit at her feet and make smiling, funny faces at her. Eric would sit at her side, and make funny faces at her. She was in 7th heaven. She would look at me, laugh and giggle. Then she would turn and look at daddy, smile and giggle. Then back to mommy. She kept going back and forth. It was so cute.

Eric learned that Susie likes for him to sing the Ewok song. I didnt even know there was an Ewok song. Apparently he knows all the "words" to it. When he sang it for her last night I could tell why it appealed to her. It was all sounds! It starts with Yubb Nubb oo bob a yuuuub nuuub.

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