Thursday, October 20, 2011

And the week moves on

I am going to try and add small posts as often as I can.

My random musings about Susie. I feel like she is so skinny compared to all the other babies her age. A lot of them are 13-16 pounds. She is just a petite 11. I know she isnt starving. She is given as much to eat as she wants. She is just skinny. She is so cute though. It also means I dont have ot worry about her 3-6 month clothes not fitting at Christmas. I got her Christmas dress ordered off ebay. It was $6.25 which is a little more than I was hoping to pay but its a really good brand (that resells well). So when the time comes I should be able to get most of what I paid for the dress. Now all we need is an undershirt, a sweater, a headband and some tights/shoes. I am thinking it might be better to get her those tights with the shoes painted on them. I will figure out the cheapest option. I mean, she will only wear this outfit 3 times (picture day, Christmas night to dinner at bf's work, and the next night at family dinner). The other thing I still need to get is her Christmas Pjs. We are all done shopping for her. She is getting a book or two, 2 blu-ray movies, and a jumperoo. Now its just a matter for getting the gifts for everyone else.

I really need to stay within budget this year. I feel so stressed about money right now. Eric hates that we take her to daycare and if we want a #2 in like a year or so, we have to get as much into savings now while we can. We need to get a new car (to replace his car). One of us would be out of work until the youngest child is like 5. So thats about 5 years. So we have to have enough in savings to cover any emergency that could come up in 5 years. It just feels so daunting.

We started to refinance the house. It will drop our rate a little and save us $92 a month (which I will put back into the house for as long as I can).

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