Friday, November 18, 2011

Week Day

4:30am wake up, make bottles, get ready for work, feed Susie, get her back to sleep
6:00am make my lunch, walk dogs
6:30am out the door
7:00am at work
4:00pm done with work
4:30pm pick up susie
5:00pm walk dogs, fix dinner, feed Susie
I then spend the next 3 hours getting her to take a small nap (which she wants to do on me or in my arms) and then we spend some time playing or talking or I should say I entertain her.
8:00pm we take a shower and I get her ready for bed (and get her clothes out for hte next day)
8:45pm she eats and then I have to get her to sleep
9:30pm I get her stuff ready for the next day plus take care of some household chores
10:30pm bedtime for me

This is all based on her having a normal day. But with her there are plenty of not normal days! I am trying to figure out when I can work out. Once she doesnt need the 5am feeding then I will be going into work early to run, but until then...

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