Thursday, May 12, 2011

No post in over a week = SHAME ON ME!

I have been so up and down lately that its been hard to find time to post.

Update: Last monday we got to see Baby Susan and she looked great. Everything still looked healhty and she was measuring like 3-4 days behind schedule. They also did an abdominal ultrasound to look at my stomach and see if the vomitting/nausea was something more than just morning sickness.

Last friday we hit the 31 week mark! I had a check up and it was a good news/bad news visit.
1. It turns out I do have a gall stone. They are just going to monitor it and if I suddenly have extreme pain they will send me to the hospital to talk about our options. Other than that I just get to avoid fatty/greasy foods. So long french fries and pizza... we have been such good friends this pregnancy but no more!
2. Baby Susan is now measuring 32 weeks. So she had a niec growth spurt (which apparently all my friends noticed - all they would say to me all week was how much bigger my stomach looked). She had good heartbeat and is still super active. I was told to keep an eye on her routine. I need to make sure she is still moving/active. It sounded like he wanted me to be kick counting but he told me after every meal. Well... problem with that is Susan isnt active after every meal. She has her routine, so I will just monitor is based on that.
3. I apparently mananged to gain 6 pounds in 1 week. To do that one would have to eat 3500*6 = 21,000 + 2100 a day which me and susan need to survive. Its really not possibly. I noticed this weekend my ankles are slightly more swollen (but its not enough anyone else would proly notice). My ankles are just not as skinny as they usually are. This past week was the first week I ate fresh fruit/drank lots of water. I have gotten in 8-9 cups a day (8 oz in a cup). So its just a water retention issue. But that took me a few days to assess.

This week has been pretty good. Tuesday we had our first lamaze class (and there was no he-he-he-ho's involved). It was a lot of the deep breathing (similar to yoga class). We learned all about the stages of labor, and talked about ways that our partner can help us take our mind off the pain. We were tasked with figuring out what we wanted and what wouldnt help us. And we talked about making sure we start thinking about what we will do if we go into labor at random times of the day. Have we thought of a plan to get home?

Wednesday, my best friend Danine got into town! I am happy to have her visiting. I sold my old bed frame and happy to be rid of it!

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