Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby Classes

So we are just about finished with all of our baby classes.

Saturday was infant care + CPR class. It was supposed to be me and Eric. Well, he got a call at 5am asking him to come into work (ON HIS VACATION DAY... not a regular day off...A DAY HE HAD REQUESTED WEEKS AGO AS VACATION). He told his boss that he had to be out of there by 8am for baby class. Well that didnt happen... He was there till 12:30pm. He was upset because this was the class he wanted to attend the most. So I had to go alone. It was ok. My morning sickness felt like it was on SUPER HIGH. I learned quite a few things in class and apparently I was the only one who didnt need help with diapering a baby (thank you Sean/Seth!). I was pretty upset post class. I was not mad at Eric but he ended up getting the brunt of my anger. (He also got to spend all afternoon sleeping and then all night out partying with his friends while I spent all day by myself.)

Monday was breastfeeding class. It was full of GREAT information and lots of tips about how to prepare ourselves for breastfeeding and being able to go back to work at 12 weeks old. She talked about pumping and latching. She talked about supply and even how to get dad's involved in the experience. It was just a super long class for hte amount of info she packed in. 3.5 hours (with only 2 potty breaks) and the class really could have been 4-5 hours. She was a little all over the place with respect to the topics but I think it was a useful class.

We have one more week of birthing class (I will talk all about that class after my last class).

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