Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers Day

Yesterday was Eric's first fathers day. When I initially started asking him if there was anything he might as a gift (not talking anything expensive), he would tell me "I am not really a father yet". All I could think in response is "YES YOU ARE". To me, even if some how Baby S doesnt survive, he would still be a father. We would still have a baby. I would still be a mother.

So needless to say, I ignore his request for no gift. I got him a very cute card (that was about how he is going to be a great father - and thats part of why I love him). I got Baby S a winter sleeper that says "I love my Daddy". I got him the book "Go the F*** to sleep". Lastly I bought him a 4 piece set of dishes. We wanted new everyday plates, so I ordered 4 place settings (bowls, plates, small plates and cups). I think he liked the gifts. It made me feel good to surprise him with a little treat that he wasnt expecting!

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