Friday, June 17, 2011

37 Week Mark

Today we hit 37 weeks pregnant. That is considered full term. All that really means is that if I go into labor, I am having a baby (with no medical intervention to try and stop it). Although I really don't enjoy being pregnant, I do understand how important the next few weeks are for her growth and development. Baby S is prolly between 6 and 7 lbs right now. In the next 3 weeks (if she stays put that long) she will put on another 1lb or so of fat. But more importantly, her little brain is doing some major development! Its getting all its little wrinkles and she is fully developing her neurons! I am in no hurry to stop that process. As long as she wants to be in there, she can stay.

I don't like being pregnant. If that hasn't been clear before now! I don't like not having control of my own body. I don't like gaining weight. I don't like being sick all the time. At this point, I am so uncomfortable all the time. I don't like not knowing if some food is going to make me super sick or not until after I have eaten. I don't like not being able to go for afternoon runs to clear my head. I know a lot of women love it, but I really don't find her kicks enjoyable. At first they made me feel a bit of motion sickness type feelings but not they aren't comfortable and kinda hurt. (I feel like a bad mom/pregnant woman for feeling that last thought.)

Its weird though, already I am choosing her over myself. I am willing to be miserable so that she can get whatever she needs in womb and take as long as she wants to get out. I am sure I could talk to my dr and find one that would go ahead and induce but I know she isn't ready. I want her to be as prepared for this world as possible. So in she stays.

Here is my 37 weeks photo!

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