Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday Checkup

So Monday I had a check-up. I forgot to write about it. It was a little disappointing but I did get a few questions answered. Eric went with. I had told him a few weeks ago that I thought it was important that he go to appointments once we were on the weekly schedule. And he actually remembered that we had one this week. That made me feel better. (Follow-up blog post inc)

Baby played nice with the Dr today and she found the heartbeat easy. It was between 140 and 160. I was up a few pounds to make my total gain at 29 pounds. (I not sure how I feel about that but it is what it is. I am ready to go back to running and getting rid of all those pounds!) This midwife said they wont do a cervix check until next appointment (which is on my due date). She would have done one this week if I had asked but I didn't care. It doesn't mean much.

She said its normal not to have lost my mucous plug yet. I am also showing almost no signs of her coming anytime soon. I haven't had any contractions really (maybe 1 or 2 but they are like nothing still). The midwife said she expects to see me at my next appointment (aka I wont be going into labor in the next 11 days). Then came the piece that was a little discouraging. She implied that I will only be allowed to go 1 week post due date. Why cant all the midwives be on the same page? I was told before it was 10 days. What if Baby S isn't ready? I will probably start asking about NSTs more once we hit due date. I want Baby S to be allowed to take her time and come when she is ready. Why give her an eviction notice if we are both healthy?

So now we are just in the holding pattern. She is a living organism and has a mind/plan of her own. She will come when she is ready and no sooner (in theory). She did get her first lecture on Monday. I ordered her that she is not allowed to come before Friday. I don't want a June baby. July 1st is a special day, so if she wanted to come that day, it would be OK. But I want her to come after that. I have been planning on a July baby and want her to be a July baby!

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