Tuesday, June 21, 2011

37 week check up

So I had my 37 week check up yesterday. I weighed in 3lbs heavier (UGH). Most women are slowing down and not able to eat nearly as much at this point. I was so hopeful that would be me. NO! I am a freaking vacuum. I cant eat enough. I am super hungry all the time. NOM NOM NOM! I want all the bad stuff too. I am trying hard to watch myself but I am just hungry!

The midwife did the normal routine. Did we have any questions? (NO) IS there anything we are curious about? I mentioned the extra downward pressure and she said there are prolly some contractions mixed in with that. I keep expecting the contractions to feel like menstrual cramps (as others have described it). These pressure feelings just feel like I am gonna a monster poop out my vajayjay. (sorry... its my blog I can describe it how I feel! DEAL WITH IT!) Maybe that's what I should expect my contractions to feel like. I don't know.

She then felt my stomach. She said Baby S is still head down (which is good news and I am pretty sure at this point I would be able to tell if her 6lb body was moving back around). She said Baby S's spine is running down the right side of my stomach (right side = my right side as I see it, on lookers = left side of my body). That means her feet are sticking into my left side. I am just amazed that the midwife can tell all that just by feeling around my stomach.

After that the midwife tried to get her heartbeat. But Baby S was having NONE of that. She started moving all around and made it VERY hard for the midwife to do her job. She got her heartbeat to register for like 1-2 seconds right at the very end. about 150 bmp. I was laughing as Baby S did her best to thwart the midwife. Well at least she didn't kick her (like she did another midwife).

All is well for another week of baby growth! No mucus plug yet that I have seen.

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