Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

I will do a weekend update tomorrow (since I have a cute story about Seth).

My sister did my first maternity photo shoot. I was excited but I dont really like having my photo taken. I dont know many people who do. I just see myself as heavy and with the growing belly, my self-image is only getting worse. I am the one who cant see her feet anymore.

But I wanted to help my sister build her portfolio. We spent just over an hour at 2 locations (2 parks she picked out around her house). I wore 4 different shirts and my jeans. 1 set of shots I was barefoot and the rest I wore a set of heels I brought.

The shots came out AMAZING! I finally saw in the shots why Eric says I am beautiful. The shots are so awesome! She did her magic and got 24 really good shots out of the 400 she took (I dont know if she is supplying more or not).

Complete showing of the shots: http://s125.photobucket.com/albums/p44/hkystar/28%20Weeks%20Photo%20Shoot/

Here are my fave shots:

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