Friday, April 22, 2011

29 Weeks!

So today I am 29 weeks into my pregnancy.

Baby: Baby's head is in proportion with body now. She appears more like a newborn each and every day! Fat continues to accumulate under the skin -- only now preparing for entering the *real world*. Baby's brain can control primitive breathing and body temperatures. Her eyes can move in their sockets. Soon she will be able to follow a blinking light. Baby is increasingly sensitive to changes in light, sound, taste, and smell! Various studies show that baby may indicate preferences (or disdain) for particular tastes or odors at this stage. She is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, she will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if he is performing somersaults for a circus act! Her length is now approximately 15.2 inches (38.6cm) and weight is 2.54 pounds (1153gm)

Well... I had my check up yesterday. No weight gain (which means I am still at +11 for the pregnancy)! Dr said they could give me something for morning sickness but it would likely make me constipated (which is already a normal thing for me!) so she would also want me to take colace too. That starts to sound like too much, I will just follow the few remedies I have and try to keep it under control (and just continue to have my bad days). She said all the pain down in my baby area is being cause by the baby's head. Baby S has turned head down. So I am not just imagining that battering ram feeling on my bladder sometimes. I had my glucose testing. I will know by Monday if I passed or not. I am praying for a pass! (If I fail I have to go have the same test as a do-over but it is now 3 hours long instead of 1.)

I am doing my best to eat healthy. The morning sickness still comes and goes. But it is getting easier. I am working on drinking more water. Right now I am averaging about 4 cups a day (which is up from none but down from the 10+ I was downing prior to being pregnant). I have also been making sure I get my 5 fruits and veggies a day (during the day more than at night). I am still finding that I need a nap between 7 and 8pm and I generally nap until like 11pm when Eric gets home. At that point I move myself from the couch to the bed, and he will come lay/cuddle with me for a little bit.

Last night Eric did something super sweet that I havent seen him do before. We were laying in bed just talking (we havent had much time together this week due to his work schedule). I had mentioned that someone else said their husband would put their head on the stomach where the baby was and they could hear the baby moving. He decided to try it. He put his head up and she elbowed him a few times in the head. It was cute, but he kept his head down there and was just seeing if he could hear her (and he was talking to her at the same time). But then he was going to get up to have something to eat. He said "I love you" to me, and then he leaned down and kissed the baby and said "I love you" to her too. It was really a touching thing!

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  1. Sorry you are still getting sick, that is no fun! And it's true, the nausea stuff makes you super constipated. It wasn't worth it for me.