Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rhodeside Grill

Location: Rhodeside Grill
Date: Dec 27, 2009

So me and the BF have decided Sunday nights are now date nights, since we doesn't have enough break to hang out at home. So we are now going to drive around his office and find new restaurants to try out. So Sunday we had our first adventure. We were driving down Wilson Blvd and it was the first place we saw (well probably not the first but it was the first one that stood out). So we decided to give it a try. One plus, they have parking and I don't mean parallel parking on Wilson! The place was empty. All the TVs were showing football (well one switched to a dog show and then poker). We ordered blue chips for an appetizer. They were homemade potato chips with bacon and a little bit of ranch dressing on it, and then sprinkled on top was lot of feta cheese. The chips were awesome with the feta on them. We then split their crab cake plate. It was 2 crab cakes with waffle french fries and some coleslaw. The coleslaw was really good. It wasn't too mayonnaisey. Waffle fries always win me over. The crab cakes were very meaty with very little filler. I wasn't sure why it was served with tarter sauce. I was expecting horseradish sauce. The BF debated for awhile but did decide on a deep fried twinkie for dessert. I had one a few years at the Memphis City fair. AWFUL! It is WAY WAY WAY too sweet for me. There is such a thing as too much sugar in one dish and that is it. The BF did love it though. I just ate the ice cream.

Our waitress was nice and even told us ahead of time that the food might take awhile due to a large party ordering right before us.

All in all I approve of this place.
1 beer, 1 soda, 1 chips appetizer, 1 crab cake dinner, 1 dessert = ~$45 for 2 people

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